A new studio founded by a duo of veterans responsible for titles like XCOM as well as a smattering of other originals like BioShock, Fallout: Tactics, and Freedom Force, have announced its first game, Epoch. It’s an arena-based, gesture-controlled cover shooter built with Unreal 3 for iOS devices. As you’d imagine, it looks beautiful -- in that weird, post-apocalyptic desolate kind of way.

The premise of Epoch revolves around the mystery of civilization’s demise. You play as a robot soldier who reboots to find its world in shambles and, of course, patrolled by other robots who’d like nothing more than dig into your metallic innards. The official site for the game describes the combat as a mix of “intuitive finger swipes” and fast decision-making. I’m not sure how either of those things will translate to what we're seeing so far, so I’ve gotten in touch. Regardless, Epoch doesn’t appear as if it’ll come off as anymore casual than Infinity Blade [$5.99].

The game is set for a release later this year and, apparently, precise information on that is coming down the pipe. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for that information, as well the IP as a whole, as development continues.

  • Tikicobra

    It looks like there won't be direct control over your character. He always seems to be behind cover, so you probably just make him hop around and aim and he moves through the levels himself.

  • Guest

    Im surprised i have not seen yet any information on  TA  about Afterlife:ground zero, the most impressive Unreal Engine game to date

  • Adams Immersive

    I can’t reveal my source, but Epoch is a code name. Really, this is the Wall-E 2.0 movie tie-in game, set after the climax where (spoiler!) robots wipe out humanity. You can see Wall-E himself at 23 seconds, wearing a necklace of skulls.

  • andrzej raczynski

    acrobatic robots? no thanks.

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  • Toyota974

    id like to see an epoch 2, i liked it but thought it was short and could do with more stuff.