Yuji Naka, the former head of Sonic Team and now co-owner of PROPE, has dropped a new Unreal Engine 3 thing on the App Store. Note the hesitance.

It’s called PD - proper discoverer [$2.99], and it’s remarkable because it doesn’t jive with what PROPE has released in the past. It’s not a Let’s TAP mini-game title, in other words.

It's experiential. Like Epic’s showpiece of the engine’s power, Epic Citadel [Free], PD has you walking around a castle and its grounds in first-person. The goal is to see everything PROPE has rendered. In order to do that, you have to collect hidden cards scattered in the environments.

PD strikes me as little more than a tech demo. And for better or worse, it's a demo that PROPE is monetizing as it learns the ropes of Unreal Engine 3 and what it can offer in terms of lighting, shading, and all that technical jazz.

In the past, we've seen many other studios experimenting with Unreal Engine 3 take and twist Epic Citadel in a similar manner. Just a couple of months ago, actually, I played a poker game with an Epic Citadel-y vibe and structure. Yeah. It was weird.

It’s interesting to see a Japanese developer experimenting with Unreal, no less Unreal for tablet and smart device games, but will PROPE continue using the engine? I’ve blasted over a note to the studio in hopes to learn of its long-term plans, or at least its goals. I’ll let you know when or if I hear back.

  • uahero

    Haha, to pay for same kind of demo as Epic Citadel? No Way

    • http://twitter.com/nicholsonb Brad Nicholson

      Right? $2.99 is not the right price for this.

  • Anonymous

    The trailer seemed pretty dull, I'm afraid. I'm wondering how hard it is for devs to pump out UDK demos in iOS app wrappers...

  • thomalex89

    They are crazy no way will I do that.  It looks like a nice engine, but I won't pay to see demo.  $2.99 at that!

  • Jimmö

    Maybe I'll buy this if him having trouble sleeping at night. It seems like I game that will make me fall asleep.... Would've been nice if this was a fps multiplayer map or something else FUN.

  • Jim

    Sorry to say I have to agree. I know it's hard to develop without steady cash in-flow but there are way too many games out there for $2.99 that I can purchase that are not, well, a glorified demo. Epic C and Castlerama were free and still I only went through them a couple of times. If I purchase this "experience" I will likely explore a few times so it just does not appeal at this point. I like to support developers but I've spent way too much already on apps...

  • Noah

    Can someone just make a full fledged RPG using this engine already, please?

    • Anonymous

      With how fickle mobile game consumers can be, that can end up being a pretty high-stakes gamble.

    • Anonymous

      Chair is working on it.

  • Adams Immersive

    Before everyone piles on and criticizes the price, let me pile on and criticize the price. It should be free! I’ll check it out if that happens.

  • Dinos

    option 1 :
    make games like gameloft is doing.
    Average graphics, average gameplay
    Option 2 :
    Use unreal and see a walk through demo.

    I believe its impossible on any platform to make game of highest quality and sell it for .99$

    • Anonymous

      I'd much rather pay $.99 - $9.99 for something that is pure fun and has longevity, then to take a walking tour through some state of the art engine.

  • Anonymous

    well well well, just look at that, another UE3 demo baby...really nice graphic though...maybe someday in 2013 we will see the real game using UE3 engine on iOS and not just some on rail game.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I agree, this whole "UE3 demo" fad is really starting to get long in the tooth. Yes, it's an awesome engine that can do amazing things, but, until we start actually seeing games (like these demos), it's really not that impressive anymore. I did see that someone posted earlier that Chair is working on an ACTUAL RPG using UE3, but until any such beast comes to fruition, I'd have to give a great big YAWN to any new and up coming "demos."

  • Joe

    I"m playing this now.  I'm already stuck.  You have to find cards in areas and it unlocks the next area.  Looks pretty great and shows off the ipad but maybe 99c is more like it.  I too hope they make a real game but maybe this will help fund development for them.