The Hexog are coming, and it's up to you, as the ARC pilot, to stop them. You'll need to bring your best Bust-A-Move skills to the table if the Hexog threat is to be eliminated, and the universe of Current [$0.99] is to be saved.

While some action match games let you play calmly, Current demands nothing less than your best reflexes. The Hexog breed, you see. Let them get a foothold, and they'll spread swiftly. The green ones grow exponentially, each one spawning into every surrounding hex. The red ones fill straight lines. The blue ones... well, let's not talk about the blue ones.

To fight them, you need take your ship to their systems and yank them out of the sky. Firing them back at a matching Hexogs will destroy both, and take out others around them. You have a limited number of shots per level, so make them count. Each of Current's 56 levels is a struggle as you fight to swiftly defeat the multiplying hordes before you run out of ammunition.

In the first sets of levels, your only weapon is your shot. But eventually, you discover the game's namesake "current," a force you can use to arm yourself against the Hexog. You unlock weapons that use their multiplying powers against them, blowing them to bits when they breed and forcing them to infect each other. This is war, and it isn't always pretty. Well, actually, it is quite pretty, with all those wireframe Hexog exploding all over the grid.

The whole thing happens to the beat of an original techno soundtrack - make sure to wander into the music menu and play with the different songs. They take Current from a pretty interesting Puzzle Bobble clone to something really cool. The beat of the music rules everything - the Hexog breed to the beat and you slaughter them to it as well. It gets downright hypnotic at times, when you get in the zone and polish them off with style.

Other times it's a little more frustrating, but a recent update addressed that problem. Now not only can you switch between three difficulty levels, you can also toggle the game to a turn-based mode at any time. The Hexog will only breed once per each of your shots in this mode, avoiding the utter chaos of the original action. Things can still get completely out of control if you're not careful, but it's all a little more strategic and a little less reflexive.

If you can't get enough of Current, you can replay on higher difficulty modes or try to get three stars on each level. The levels are procedurally generated, so it shouldn't be the same experience twice. Game Center Leaderboards seem like an obvious addition, and hopefully they'll show up in an update some day. It sounds like there are more levels, game modes and songs in the works, so there should be plenty of opportunities to destroy the Hexog yet to come. Good thing, too - I just love to watch them disappear.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Mrsmartiepants

    This is amazing looking. Downloading right away.

  • Caanerud

    This is an awesome game. Amazing music. One of the few games that lured me to buy the full version after trying the demo.

  • Decoy Octopus

    looks weird

  • Chris K.

    And hey it's color-blind friendly! (I don't know how many versions of Bust-a-Move are unplayable to me, usually because the green looks like yellow and blue looks identical to purple to my f'd eyeballs. But hey, at least I have nearly 20-10 eyesight with my glasses as compensation!)

  • Eightflyingcars

    What is the difference between Current and Current Full? Anybody know?

    • Lane Daughtry

      Hey, this is the developer, the difference is a bit embarassing. There is none. It's a very long story but call it a learning experience 😉 When we have future updates (and we do) both will be updated simultaneously. That said, we'd prefer people buy Current please.

      Thanks a ton for playing!

      • Anonymous

        I can never get enough of vector-style graphics, and I can see already this is a polished product that sports excellent game-play. I am current-ly in the process of  purchasing this gem. 

  • Kahkerka

    This is an absolutely wonderful game. 

Current Reviewed by Nissa Campbell on . Rating: 4