Believe it or not, E3 wasn't all big name developers and publishers, even though the insane show floor would make most believe otherwise. No, actually, it turns out that there were quite a few indie developers around enjoying the sights and sounds that I was able to catch up with. The first of which was the guys from Muteki Corporation, who had a few really rad things to show off.

Dragon Fantasy - There's already a thread in our upcoming games forum, but here's the gist- Muteki, like most of us old school gamers grew up with all kinds of fantastic old school RPG's. The battle system is basic, the graphics are pixelated, and the story is gloriously cliche... And that's just the way we like it. Dragon Fantasy is an homage to these games of yore.

Give it a look:

Next up was Game Studio, a neat little utility that we got a semi-secret look at during GDC earlier this year. It's in the same vein as Game Salad and other similar easy game creation suites, except this one exists entirely on the iPad. My favorite feature of it is the drag and drop game logic portion.

Check out this extensive walkthrough:

Last, but certainly not least, was a look at an impending update for Super Jetpack Dragon IV [Free / HD]. It shifts the gameplay style from an endless running kind of thing to a level-based platformer. It's pretty neat, and more features and functionality in existing games is always welcome around here.

Take a look:

  • Adams Immersive

    Game Studio looks pretty neat! Is there a path, I presume, for going from the iPad creation to Xcode and the App Store? Or is it like Sketch Nation Shooter where users just submit their creations for others to play?

    • Indievisio

      I'am really interested in this one too. Looks cool, however I don't think you can publish apps from the iPad to the AppStore, which would be so cool, but xcode could be done on iPad I think, which you can later compile on Mac. That would be awesome. If it's just another sketch nation, than its fail.

      • Indievisio

        By the way do this guys have a community website? They need to start build a community. Again it's just amazing!

      • Adam @ Muteki Corp

        I haven't worked on Game Studio, but since Bryan who did work on it is in Fresno or something for the weekend and not paying attention to the internets... No, we don't have a community website yet, but we do have a facebook page: .  That's probably where we will announce it when we launch one.

      • Indievisio

        Thanks for all the answers guys, I already counting days till this tools will be released, its incredible, honestly.

    • bryan @ muteki

      We certainly plan to provide SOME path for taking the game you create in Game Studio and finding a way to let you launch it on the App Store...we just haven't worked out the specific details of what that is yet.

      • Adams Immersive

        That would be very cool!

  • Keslus

    The "crisis" music in Dragon Fantasy is a little too repetitive for my tastes, and I love retro games. Right now it sounds like a car alarm.  Even Final Fantasy wasn't that repetitive during the fight music..

    • Adam @ Muteki Corp

      Don't worry, the music is very, very early.  Right now most of the tracks in the game are only 10 seconds long or so and it's driving us all nuts 🙂  Our musician though is awesome though and it will be great music, I promise!

  • Michael A. Robson

    Haha... Watching the Dragon Fantasy thing... Pretty funny... But be careful.. it might be better to come up with another name "OctoFantastic" or something, because if this thing is a hit, you don't want to have.... Dragon Fantasy 2.. its just such a generic name.. and you do deserve credit for some cool work here

    • Adam @ Muteki Corp

      Haha, yeah, we actually filled an entire whiteboard with name ideas - Dragon Fantasy was originally just a code name.  But even with some of the really good names we came up with, we just ended up going back to Dragon Fantasy because it just seemed right.  The nice thing about the AppStore, though, is that I think we could always just retcon the first game's name to be like, "OctoFantastic I: Dragon Fantasy" or something.

  • walsh06

    Is game studio only on Ipad?? I would really like this as I love "create your own stuff" games, ie LBP. But I dont have an iPad 🙁

    • Indievisio

      the whole idea is the iPad, imagine creating games on the small scree of iphone?!
      The iPad is the only logical choice I think.

      • Adam @ Muteki Corp

        Yeah, I think Indievisio is probably right... the thought hadn't even occurred to us to try to port it to iPod/iPhone, honestly... But hey, you never know!  Maybe we can drum something up that is even simpler for the small screen.  No promises, though!

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