I heard you guys like gameplay videos. Well here are a ton. Gameloft had a ridiculous amount of games to show off at E3, and all of these games are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2011. Of course no pricing was discussed (except for Let's Golf 3 which will be free) but we can likely assume these games will all be priced in line with Gameloft's fairly predictable pricing schemes.

March of Heroes - Gameloft's first Unreal Engine 3 game is a first person shooter that basically plays like all of their other first person shooters with a bit more eye candy thanks to the new and improved engine. Oddly enough, the engine switch alone doesn't make the game look that much better. Polygon counts seem low, and almost out of place compared to the nice shadows generated by the game engine.

Some levels are environmental-focused, check out this underwater portion:

BackStab - I'm not exactly sure what to think of this. It seems like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Assassin's Creed, which could be a very good thing if you like both franchises and would love to see them mushed together in to one game.

9mm - This linear adventure game is highly inspired by Max Payne, complete with an over-the-top bullet time mechanic. Unfortunately, the color palette of the game is rather dark so the quality of the hands-on video isn't the greatest.

Let's Golf 3 - I've had a great time with all the Let's Golf games, and I expect the third installment to be no different. This time around, Gameloft will be dabbling in the free to play world. Hopefully we don't hit a pay wall too early.

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited - A crazy block breaking game with power-ups, multiple areas for blocks to be broken on each level, and channels you can shoot your ball into to transfer between them. This was a lot of fun.

Silent Ops - Gameloft seems to be re-using a lot of its Splinter Cell gameplay with this pseudo-sequel. The game has a very similar look and feel to it, including the fairly dark color palette that my camera didn't capture so well under the E3 lighting.

  • Christopher

    Gameloft is going to be the only thing on my iPod touch 4!! I'm getting them all except for probably Silent Ops and maybe Lets Golf 3. BUT IM DEFINITIVELY GETTING MARCH OF HEROES AND 9MM HECK EVEN BACKSTAB ^_^ SO EFFIN HAPPY

  • Anonymous

    The most retarded filming angle evar... I see nothing on the silent ops video and on other iphone games.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    I wanna get Backstab, but man, GL, can you please move beyond the cheesy Nintendo64 graphics? I feel like every GL is using the Goldeneye Engine Hrmm am I insane?

  • Guest

    "Oddly enough, the engine switch alone doesn't make the game look that much better. Polygon counts seem low, and almost out of place compared to the nice shadows generated by the game engine." Dont blame gameloft.Unreal Engine is very complex for the vast majority of devices they are targeting . As i said before ipad2 is the only one at this point that can hadle it without major graphical restrictions . So what should they do? Push to its limits so no other device could handle and as result of this limiting their market? I dont think so.
    Sorry for my english anyway

    • Anonymous

      Isn't one of the biggest appeals of the Unreal Engine the fact it's so easy to use? Hence UT3 being super mod-friendly and universities using the engine for graphic design courses. Then of course it's supposed to be incredibly well optimized for performance, which is why Infinity Blade practically looks like an Xbox 360 game running on the iPhone. I don't buy this excuse at all.

      • Guest

        Im not a developer , so i cant tell how friendly UE is to work. May
        well be , but i dotn see why is this important . Yes IB is a good
        looking game running on a limited device, but we all know why and the
        magic that makes this possible and its not because UE is ease to use.
        Also as pretty as it is on a handheld it obviously missing a large
        porton of graphical effects that consoles have , so its not exacly like
        a 360 game (altough its not very far). Anyway, all i was saying is that the current generation of idevices dont have the processing power required by this type of game. 

      • Shogunaut

        Yes, but Infinity Blade does not have AI and you are restricted in movement and views. Actually the game design there is created from ground up to be able to show pretty graphics and not mouch else. Rage for iPhone was railshooter with restricted walk path. Epic Citadel was free roaming, but there were no enemies or anything whatsoever. Anything below iPad2 is to weak for a full game with this kind of graphics.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah AI and other factors will certainly be a drag, but then I revert back to what Hodapp said... why bother with Unreal at all? If the games look the same as they always have done they might as well stay on the old engine.

  • Anonymous

    I'm generally not too fond of the typical Gameloft clone, so it's kind of ironic that I'm quite excited to hear about Block Breaker 3 Unlimited... given it's one of the most cloned and rehashed genres of all time.

    • Liemtt29

      I'll second that, this is what I've seen in gameloft for 5 years working with them. BBD remains the best in their game.

  • Karma32

    Looks like the same mediocre FPS and 3rd person gameplay Gameloft is known for. Splinter Cell anf Guardian Heroes was bad enough.

  • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

    Saw some screens of backstab and I fell in love, then I saw the hands on and saw that yet they didn't put lip sync on it... What a waste, that'd have been a game to show off, but this is the deal breaker for me, I had enough bad experience with shadow guardian

    • http://twitter.com/robertsammons Rob Sammons

      I think quite a few of these videos have audio out of sync so wouldn't dismiss it ?

  • UltiMatE

    Gameloft should ask help from the guys over Epic to fully utilize unreal engine benefits. Anyway it's their interest too to promote their engine with a worthy game.

    It's Gamelofts first attempt to use unreal engine, so of course not everything will go perfectly. An engine alone won't make anything better (at best some shadows), and Gameloft just seems can't which over from their old modeling conventions that fast, but they shouldn't miss a shot that big, like the introduction of UE. It is supposed to make us wow at first glance as much as possible.

    And call me naive, but I see no reason this couldn't look like Infinity Blade. (and no, Infinity Blade looks equally good on a 3GS, it even has antialiasing)

  • Yah

    You all just dont get it do you? UE3 isn't that difficult to use. Gameloft simply half-ass every game they make. How the hell do you think they can release 20 titles every single year over and over again?????

    When you use low polygons, recycled game assets and gameplay, same voice overs, crappy, stiff, robotic animations; it won't matter what engine you are using. All your games will come out the same. Hell even RockStar could release 5 GTA games every year if they took GL's approach.

    I'll bet all of you were expecting IB quality huh??? LOL Well, I knew better than to expect anything great from GL. Nothing worth buying in this whole list. Absolutely NOTHING!!!!

    Move on!

  • James

    Some body please tell me why gameloft refuses to provide tilt aiming as an option??? I'm sick of being forced to have my right thumb all over the screen just to shoot at a bot. CoD: Zombies provide tilt aim as an option and it works great since I can aim AND fire simultaneously like I can on my xbox. I can track my enemy without wasting any ammo. Rage also uses tilt aim and it works very well in that game as well. I know many like touch aim (can't imagine why when tilt is so much more effective) but why can't GL provide the option and let the player decide what works best for them????

    Before anyone says they provide Gyro; it doesn't work the same as tilt(accelerometer.) I DONT want to stand up to play a damn game. I want to sit down and enjoy the game.

  • -swype-

    Infinity Blade only had ONE AI on the screen PER BATTLE. The cutscenes are loading screens in disguise. In addition, you couldn't move around in IB, and the "levels", aka battles, took place in a very small environment, so ChAIR was able to cram better graphics into a smaller space. Gameloft, however, has relatively large levels in MoH, so they have to "stretch" their graphics in order to prevent crashing & loading screens. Why? Consider this - infinity blade is like a tiny painting. It can be very detailed. MoH is a large mural, so it has less detail. Looking forwards to the March of Heroes. (and the fifth-gen iPhone & iPod Touch.)

    • Skye629

      Not to mention Chair spent MONTHS on IB when Gameloft spent alot less time and effort so they could roll out more games

    • UltiMatE

      Graphics quality and FPS depends virtually entirely on the GPU (video card), and AI runs on the CPU, so you grain no performance by cutting down on it. Cutscenes can be skipped (not as if you have ever seen a model popping into existence in the game, so what do they load?). Epic Citadel had very large environments. Modern engines like Unreal feature dynamically decreasing polygon count, but only if you set it properly (means more modelling), so the size of the environment, or the maximal polygon count of things close to the camera doesn't really matter.

      To be honest, I haven't seen a reflection, or even a single bump mapped surface, and we all know it would be possible, and it all runs on GPU. And just go near to a leaf in Epic Citadel to see how detailed textures can be (and placed in large amounts), and yet, well, I don't even remotely see any signs of detail in that trailer.

  • -swype-

    And the ground textures in MoH look awful and oversaturated.

  • gee

    DAMN, why is EPIC the only company that can make games look good on the unreal engine??? march of heroes is not looking as good as infinity blade 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/momspubis Marshall

    "Oddly enough, the engine switch alone doesn't make the game look that much better."

    That was my reaction when I saw the March of Heroes trailer a few days ago. Gameloft's artists just aren't particularly good, I guess.

  • Antony K46

    No excuse gameloft you do less coding with the unreal engine and you recycled old material like animations and stuff so you should have used that extra time you had to make better graphics

  • Anonymous

    9mm is a fail since it doesn't allow free roam.

    Also, I'm unable to trust Gameloft after what they did to their Gangstar 2 iPhone customers.

    • Sublimelabs

      Not every game needs free roam you know. It's a Max Payne clone. I'm not interested in any of these, anyway.

    • http://twitter.com/robertsammons Rob Sammons

      what did they do?

      • Anonymous

        They made the gangstar 2 iphone customers wait more than 3 months for an update.

        When iOS 4.3 was released, the game would crash every time we would try to load the game, which left us with a totally worthless game.

        Plus, gameloft lied to us several times during our three month wait.

  • Maple9988

    why didnt they show that MoH running on iphone 4 or ipod touch?.... i really have bad feelings that game would look really bad on iphone and ipod touch.... lol thats why they didnt show it on iphone i guess

  • http://profiles.google.com/zandog Alex Gillis

    March Of Heroes better be 99¢ at release. What a horrible looking rehash. D:

  • Eric5h5

    "Oddly enough, the engine switch alone doesn't make the game look that much better."  No, it's not even slightly odd.  What makes a game look good is 97% art, 3% engine.  Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), Epic has used good artists to give their engine a reputation it doesn't deserve.  People seem to automatically think "Oooh, Unreal engine, it's gonna be totally kewl!!!!111"  The reality is that there are faster and better engines, and it's just as easy to make a lousy-looking game with Unreal tech as any other tech.  Marketing wins, I guess (another thing that's not odd 😉 ).

  • Bencross13

    these games are still in production so the textures may not be perfect. the voices in the first MoH video are taken from modern combat 2 so they haven't sorted them out yet. oh and will backstab be available on ipod touch?

  • Gwarat18

    is march of heroes coming with the option of playing with the Gyroscope?