Craneballs Studios, the folks responsible for the popular Blimp [Free/HD] titles and the recent arcade shooter Overkill [Free], are readying a release into the super casual high scoring genre. Called Super Rope, it takes the endless vertical jumping formula and replaces jumping with climbing ropes using a simple swiping gesture that works really well.

The larger aim of Super Rope is to try and appeal to both the casual audience and the dedicated high score chasers. It accomplishes this by offering a few different difficulty levels. On easy, the game moves at a slow enough pace that even a young child can play along just fine, but on the harder settings things start to move quickly and it will require some quick reaction times in order to do well.

I had a chance to try out Super Rope at WWDC this week and quite liked the swiping controls and the rope climbing gameplay:

Super Rope should be launching at the end of June or the first week of July. The game will be free and come with one character and one environment, with 4 additional characters and environments each which can be unlocked by earning stars in the game or via IAP star bundles. The 5 characters in the game will have different special items and abilities, and the plan is to continuously offer new content to unlock down the road following release.

It will also include Game Center integration with at least 80 achievements and leaderboards to compete on. We’ll check out more of Super Rope when it hits the App Store in the coming weeks.

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    i dont understand wat the other stuff the diamonds, big coins, or other stuff besides the power ups, small coins and funky stars