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WWDC 2011: ‘Temple Run’ Hands-On Preview – The Latest from Imangi Studios

This WWDC has been an odd event so far, with yesterday thoroughly focused on the keynote WWDC gaming-centric sessions occupying most developers’ time. Regardless, we’ve tracked down a few developers that have given us a look at their upcoming games. The first of which was Imangi Studios, creators of Harbor Master [$1.99 / Free / HD]. There’s still a few weeks of worth left to be done on their next title, Temple Run, but we’re liking what we’ve seen so far.

Temple Run is an endless runner, but the catch is that the game is played in a third person chase view which adds some more gameplay elements than just jumping. You tilt to collect coins, and in addition to jumping to avoid things, you also need to swipe to turn as well as slide other obstacles. Check out the incredibly self explanatory video:

As a major fan of the endless running genre as a whole, I like what Imangi has done with Temple Run. They hope to get it released by the end of the month, and of course, it will come with a full array of Game Center leaderboards, achievements, and all that fun stuff.