Remember back in late February when Gameloft announced that they were going to be using the Unreal Engine in future games? Since then, every time Gameloft announces a game rampant speculation has exploded on our forums regarding whether or not it's going to be the first Unreal Engine game. Heck, I'm even guilty of getting in on the speculation game.

According to a tweet this morning, March of Heroes will be Gameloft's first Unreal Engine game, with more details being released next week at E3. That's all we know right now, so feel free to go wild guessing what kind of game it's going to be.

My money is on some kind of military-centric first person shooter, but judging by trends in recent first person shooters for iOS, consoles, and PC, that's pretty much guaranteed.

  • Max Woolf

    You can use an @ mention on yourself on Twitter?

  • Max Woolf

    You can use an @ mention on yourself on Twitter?

  • Shaun

    Hmm... Gamelofts next game is called March of Heroes what will this be a clone of ??

    Heroes of Might & Magic  ???? 

    • NEGA

      no, its either not a clone, for once...(apparrently they're trying to move away from clones) or its a cod: black ops clone... 

  • Awesome

    I hope some WW2 shooter. cant wait to it being announced. hoping its for ipod touch 3 🙂

    • domenico pappalardo

      get a real ios device

      • Awesome


      • Phil Pipenko

        Hey dude some people can't afford The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 or whatever, don't be that way. Any iPod or iPhone 3rd gen and above, and any iPad is good for mobile gaming, I have an iPod touch 4 and I'm loving it. Like this if you think Modern Combat Black Pegusas has a funner campiagn than MW2!

      • Anonymous


    • Cyberpyrot

      Um i dont think the unreal engine will run on older devices. I would not run on my 3gs so i up graded to ipad 2

      • Awesomer

        It will run, I assure you. The engine can work on second-gen devices too, as proven by Infinity Blade. However, I'm guessing Gameloft's UE3 game will only run on 3rd ten devices or better, along with iPad 2 optimizations.

      • Anonymous

        Infinity Blade doesn't run on second gen devices.

      • Stevenmilligan

        So very true.

  • Andy Raczynski

    hope its ww2, but not an fps.  but as shaun mentiond, probably a clone of HoMM.

    • calibourne

      rubbish, have you not read anything in the past 2 months, ist an fps set in the cold war,and from what i've seen, its not a clone

  • Macaroon

    Guys, clearly this is a cryptic clue! The game isn't going to to be called 'March of Heroes'. March is a month in 'spring' and 'of heroes' is (almost!) an anagram of 'hoofers' i.e professional dancers. Springing hoofers!!! I think we've finally got ourselves an original Gameloft game here Or am I off the mark; )

    • Psionic81

      i like the cut of your jibe.

  • Bnates

    first person??

  • Decoy Octopus

    Wonder how much the price will be?

    • Lucas

      I imagine about 6.99/7.99 but I think there won't be .99 cents sales for at least one year after release.

  • Torgar

    please be a HoMM clone. please.

  • Zachery Jensen

    Heroes of Might and Magic or City of Heroes 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I'm hoping it's a clone of Company of Heroes.

    • SMP

      That is definitely what Im hoping for. Shooters are dime a dozen, even on ios devices, but I have yet to see a single good RTS. Medal of Honor Seems likely as well,but Im hoping its the former.

  • Snookie_with_Lasers

    whenever i see the "gameloft" related to something, i get an inverse boner.

  • LBG

    March of Heroes = MoH. 
    Medal of Honor clone?

    • Baaa Woof

      somewhat, mostly just a fps, like all fps's, nothing new, but slightly orginal 

  • brian

    Does this mean an end of Gameloft's trademark lack of character animation? Will the future be populated with people that change directions in less-than-a-flash, walk instead of teleport, and even use HANDS for things?

  • Collin Cunningham

    Hmm ... i'm betting on a league of legends clone ...

    ... while simulataneously hoping they do something original instead of another soulless imitation

    • Ben Ruddock

      I agree, I don't know where people are getting 'WW2 Shooter' from, to me the title implies a DotA / HoN / LoL clone.

    • Isaac

      I'd love to see it be a LoL clone. I've always wondered if that type of game will ever make it to the ios

      • Psionic81

        we're making a DOTA style game 🙂 you can search the forums by posts started by "psionic" and you'll see it.

  • HeavyTurbolaser

    Gears of War..?

  • Mum0sul

    9mm or GTA IV

  • Rick

    I'm 99.9% sure that it's a City of Heroes clone. 

    Trailer below:

    • Stevenmilligan

      Why would they want to make another MMORPG when they already cloned a much more popular one?

  • Rowan

    Heroes of Newearth clone

  • Henrique de Sousa

    I really hope it's an FPS or TPS. If they want to showcase their use of UE3 on iDevices, those are the genres to do it, IMO.

  • Charles Albert

    Should be an FPS or TPS. Anything else would be a waste of Unreal Engine 3.

  • Bleu

    Gameloft + Unreal Engine = 4 GB GAME! AHHHHHH! D:

  • Anonymous

    It will certainly be a card game :p

  • Anonymous

    Now seriously, it won't be a homm or city of heroes clone, but a clone of a game with a larger fan base... the ut licenses don't come cheap so they need to adress it to a large audience. My bets are on a 3rd person game with cover system, smth like gears of war or the flag game of ps3 (don't remember the name).


    its a modern fps possibly modern combat 3