The iOS version of the classic Bitmap Brothers game Speedball 2: Evolution [Link] is currently free for the next few days. Speedball 2 is a sports game of sorts, a mishmash of football and hockey (or fockeyball, as I call it) with arcade elements and a futuristic theme. It’s similar to the classic arcade game Cyberball, and originally released for home platforms back in 1990.

The iOS version of Speedball 2 contains a ridiculous number of modes and content to play through, and features improved graphics over the original. All of this and more you can read about in our original review of Speedball 2: Evolution.

If you were a fan of the original Speedball or Speedball 2, and for some reason you haven't yet picked up this version, then now is your chance to strike. For those with no emotional ties to the original games, Speedball 2 is still a must download while free as it offers satisfying fast-paced arcade action with a retro feel. It’s also a universal app with Retina Display support and Game Center integration, so definitely give this freebie a look.

  • ramacity

    Ooh yes, thanks so much for sharing! I'm on it 😀

  • Truth

    Downloaded hours ago. Was so excited to play it but it ALWAYS crashes 3 seconds into loading it up on my iPad running 4.3.3. What the hell??!!

    • Andiron

      I had crash problems too with this game on my iPhone 4 at iOS 4.3 until I disabled that useless "Ping" crap that Apple added at 4.3.  That brought my battery life back to where it should be as well. 

      • Truth

        Where do you do that?? Can't find Ping in any of the settings.

  • Babyshen123

    yeah! very nice game isn't it?

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  • P Allen

    Bought this on launch day and have no regrets it's just as good as the Amiga version the only way I would suggest it could be improved is online multiplayer. Great game think football with points for knocking out the other players. Brilliant fun.

  • Antonio

    App crashes while loading on my iPhone 4.1 also

  • IndiePro

    "Ice cream!  Ice cream!" 


  • Masa

    Mazette, i didn't play this game since the Genesis version! 

  • fhgjg


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