Way back in October of last year, just before Halloween, we learned that an official Evil Dead game was in the works. For fans of the 1980s cult-classic horror flick, this was some pretty exciting news, especially with how faithfully the announcement trailer mimicked the original trailer for the actual movie. Unfortunately, since that announcement, the Evil Dead game has somewhat fallen off the radar, with very little new information being released for the title.

The project most certainly was not dead though, as developer Trigger Apps has been occasionally popping into our forums to let our members know that the game is taking longer than expected, but is still very much on the way. In fact, if plans go as expected, Evil Dead will be available sometime next month. There aren’t a ton of details just yet on exactly what the gameplay will entail, but we do know that you’ll be playing through all the major events of the movie plus some additional events unique to the game.

Trigger Apps has released a new batch of in-game screenshots for Evil Dead, which you can check out below (click to enlarge):

We expect that more information will slowly be revealed as Evil Dead nears its release next month. Be sure to follow along with the upcoming games thread in our forums for even more information and discussion of the game. Evil Dead will be launching for 3rd generation iPhone and iPod touch devices as well as both iPads, and we’ll have more details as we get closer to the release in the coming weeks.

  • http://twitter.com/tonyrockyhorror Tony Bowman

    MiniGore with an Evil Dead license?

  • Anonymous

    wow the graphics looks ugly and outdated.

  • ak47killa

    Wow!!! Not looking to good. Was really looking forward to this. Army of Darkness was quite a surprise and did very well. Evil Dead was one of my favorite movies growing up. I hope it's better then it looks.

    • Ralston

      I have to agree, my first feelings as well. And where was ice caps in the movie? Was hoping it would follow the actual movie storyline kinda.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a game that actually makes Mission Europa's graphics  look competent. 

  • Furtin

    Finally something new for my Flings! Doesn't look to bad and if the gameplay is tight, I'm in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tomate-Diseño/100001349625888 Tomate Diseño

    "launching for 3rd generation iPhone and iPod touch devices" …and that makes me a saaaaad panda. I'm finding that more and more now. Really though, why is it I can buy a console and still buy new games after six years with a good few more on the cards, yet a blinkin' MP3 player is outdated after six months.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jrbuffnstuff Jeremy Russell

      Well to be fair 2nd gen devices are approaching 3 years now. I'm
      a developer myself and found 2nd gen is too underpowered to develop for
      and the incentive to try isn't there due to the market size.

      On the bright side, there's a huge performance leap from 2g to 3g
      and I expect 3g devices will have a much longer shelf life than 2g did 🙂

  • angrygoomba