Ever since the inception of the App Store, gamers have been crying out for an iOS entry in the ridiculously popular Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom. Indeed, the elements of exploring a huge world, hunting and fighting tons of different monsters, and crafting and collecting an assortment of loot to build up your character would be a great fit for an iOS game. Well, Capcom has officially announced that the series is appearing on iOS in the form of Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, reports Andriasang via Famitsu.

While this is definitely great news, die-hard Monster Hunter fans shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting appears to be a fairly stripped-down version of what you would typically expect from the series. It focuses on one-on-one battles against the many popular monsters that have appeared in the game over the years, but based on the hands-on video from Famitsu it doesn’t look like it contains much of the exploration and RPG elements that the series is known for. Have a look:

At the end of the day, I can’t be mad to see that Monster Hunter is coming to the App Store, but it seems strange that Capcom is taking a watered-down approach to the game seeing as it’s been proven time and time again that a full-blown experience would be completely possible on iOS devices. Still, limited exploration one-on-one battling proved to be a great combination for Infinity Blade [$5.99], which Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting looks very similar to. If it’s well done, then it may be a fun way to give fans a taste of the franchise while on the go.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is set to launch in Japan in June, and while there's no official word of a US release I'd imagine it will make its way here sooner or later. The lack of some of the fundamental elements of a Monster Hunter game is disappointing, but we’ll reserve full judgment until we’re actually able to play the game ourselves. Until then you can stop by the upcoming thread in our forums to voice your own opinion about the game.

[Via Andriasang]

  • A Guy

     This looks like a poor man's Infinity Blade.

    • Anonymous

      It looks longer than Infinity Blade. If you're going purely by graphics then sure, but MH could well have some hidden depth we've yet to hear about.

      • SMP

        Infinity Blade is a well made game, but the gameplay wasnt compelling to keep me hooked for longer than 30
        minutes. Not because its an ios game, none of chairs games have succeeded in holding my attention.

  • Bahazal

     ok, i dont get it.. i just cant get excited about games i can play with my eyes closed..

  • Jacen

    This looks great, I may be picking this up as long as it gets good reviews. 

  • E_Domina

    i expect more than this. hopefully capcom will open their eyes and add the rest of the game so its just a small monster hunter and not this one on one combat crap

    • Trent

       It's not likely that Capcom will make this game any more than what you see in the trailer. With the exception of Street Fighter 4 and Ghosts and Goblins: Gold Knights, just about all of the iPhone Capcom games are way to sloppy and short (Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil 4).   

      • haiykuw

        I would've put Gold Knights in the category of sloppy (not sure if it's short b/c I lost interest in it). Agree w/everything else though.

  • Mwhite67

    MEH! Take everything that makes Monster Hunter cool out and release a boring repetitive looking game. GREAT IDEA!

  • overzero3

     To be honest, looks BETTER than Infinity Balde, that have the same repetitive fights, and plays quite slow some times...the way that this Monster Hunter plays, it looks a faster combat, with more dodges and more combos...

  • Neil

    "that a full-blown experience would be completely possible on iOS devices."

    Pray tell, how would this be possible with Monster Hunter?

    You need a dedicated button for sheathing (yes, it is that vital to the
    gameplay), a button for rolling, a dedicated button for sprinting / guarding (that
    can be used simultaneously with roll button for diving) and two buttons
    for primary and secondary attacks (which are used in conjuntion with
    sprint / guard button and analog or all together for different movesets). Then of course inputs for movement and camera control.

    How do you accomplish so much functionality, functionality that must be used together in multiple combinations in a gamepad layout, on a mere touch screen?

    Even if Capcom implemented some of the exploration elements, the reality
    is they'd still need to water down what makes Monster Hunter "Monster
    Hunter". It's a game that is as defined by actual inputs and buttons as
    Cut the Rope and many other ipod games are defined by the touch screen. It really is a buttons or bust situation.

    • Drake

       You give the Monster Hunter franchise WAY too much credit. It's a series that isn't half as involved as you make it out to be. You could easily make a  full fledged (slightly watered down) version on the iPhone, and it would be great. You obviously haven't played Rainbow Six, Dead Space, and Lego Harry Potter on iPhone. All of those games "require" lots of buttons, yet the iPhone managed to pull all of them off brilliantly.

      • haiykuw

         I agree that a semi-full fledged Monster Hunter can definitely work on iOS. But saying the Monster Hunter games aren't involved...

        o_O     o_O     o_O

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Is this a joke?

      • Neil

        Why would I be joking? Monster Hunter is completely defined by tactile inputs and buttons. You can be using analog movement, camera control and up to four buttons in combination all at the same time and with weird hold one button press two others while pushing the analog in a certain way sort of movesets. Indeed, the game demands this of you else a K.O. will swiftly meet you. Games on iOS devices are not at its best when trying to emulate traditional control layouts and in the case of the Monster Hunter series it has one of the more complex / context-heavy traditional control layouts out there.

        Put it this way, the PSP itself doesn't have all the necessary buttons for it and only just gets away with it (thank the heavens when NGP comes along, finally, proper controls for MH!). What makes you think a device with no such buttons at all is going to fare as well?

        As for Drake, I am actually not giving the series enough credit because the amount of contextual actions in MH is unmatched outside of fighting games (heck, it even boasts more than some fighting games). MH for all intents and purposes is a 3D action Street Fighter with regards to controls and mechanics. Indeed, many who worked on SF, Mega Man, so on, now work on MH and just like those games its full scope is just as dependent on tactile inputs and buttons. Probably the only game that comes close to it in design scope is the fantastic Demon's Souls. Those other games you mentioned do not compare at all to the underlying designs involved in the MH series and the control scheme to employ those designs. And did you really just mention Lego Harry Potter? Oh dear.

      • Johno

        Yeah Neil I totally agree with you. It would appear half these people haven't even played a Monster Hunter game. I'm sure like most people they just gave up because the game was too hard for them. 

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Heh, sorry, I was just being snarky 🙂

        You do raise a valid point though. I think of a game like Dungeon Defenders and the cluttered UI and I shudder thinking about a Monster Hunter game with like 10 buttons plastered on the screen. 

        But! To say it's *not possible* is being incredibly short-sighted IMO. Some compromises would need to be made for sure, and perhaps having a 1:1 version of the PSP game on iOS wouldn't be likely. But Capcom could definitely be doing much more than what appears in the video above.

      • Taylor

         I agree with Drake, Monster Hunter isn't half as complex as you're making it out to be.

      • Tim

         Lego Harry Potter is a 40+ hours great game. Play it before you bash it.

    • CrisisInNeed

      That is what they thought of street fighter iv but damn capcom proved us wrong

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    That looks virtually unplayable.

    I never got into Monster Hunter on the PSP. It just seemed too repetitive and to be frank, dull. Also difficult to control even with all the PSP's buttons.

    • Anonymous

      Monster Hunter is where the PSP Go's alternate button layout completely shines. No problems whatsoever.

      • Neil

         I must tip my hat to you for being able to handle that, you are certainly made of awesome-r stuff. I think I would completely destroy my hand clawing on the Go.

  • Artfoundry

    Wow, those monster animations/attacks look pretty bad - slow and aimless.  This game looks pretty boring to me.  I'm quite happy with Infinity Blade anyway.

  • Citsade

    I'd rather they release nothing at all than crap like this. Corporate Fury showed that a game like Devil May Cry (I imagined something more than what was released) or Monster Hunter is possible on the iOS.

  • Bahazal

     you know.. if you guys stop supporting this bullshi.. they will stop making it and make something good.

  • Flunku

     I'm a HUGE MH fan and have been into it since the original PS2 beta test and I honestly think this looks so diluted that I'm thinking it's some sort of joke. Is this even a game? 
    They've removed everything that makes MH fun and left only the most basic and tedious bits. If anything this will deter people from playing the full game/franchise.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps this is just the begin of a full monster hunter version. It's simple now yeah. But if it continues, they might release a full monster hunter game anyway. Btw i totaly agree with Jared. Monster Hunter is just a great Coop EXP.

  • Anonymous

     Meh, why bother Capcom when you are just going to port a dumb down version of MH, instead of giving us a full fledge version of MHP or MHF.  I'm getting sick of these shitty IOS 5 min gimmicky games that don't amount to anything.  I guess if I wanted to play games on the go I will still have to settle for carrying my PSP/3DS around.  So far the IOS Library besides from some Square games has turn out to be a big disappointment.

  • Chance

     Whooaaaa.. Does that monster have a health bar..??? That's completely removing one of the elements that makes Monster Hunter what it is! Pity to whoever at CAPCOM thought of this..