Nintendo broke at least two hearts this morning. The publisher confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS’ personal App Store, the e-Shop, won’t be released at the end of this month as was planned. Instead, it’ll see a release on June 6 in the US and June 7 in Japan.

The shop will be introduced via a firmware update, which also packages in the device’s mobile Internet browser and, perhaps, some other fun tweaks and features that Nintendo isn’t letting the world know about yet.

We’re interested in the e-Shop for a pretty simple reason: it’s like the App Store. What kind of games will we see? What will the price points be? Will we see any notable re-releases from mobile developers?

Perhaps it’s just me being cynical, but I’m most interested in the platform because it might be a test bed for future iPod Touch and iPhone releases, much like the PSP Minis initiative has proven to be. The 3D effect that the 3DS requires of its games will prove to be a barrier, though, so it’ll be interesting to see how developers might overcome that.

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  • Cnnaturekid

    I am extremely dissapointed, I was really looking forward to the e shop for the 3ds but it may be even better now that they pushed the date back. Also, will the apps and virtual console games be in 3d as well, please respond

    • Sonicking2004

       the games made specifically for the 3DS, such as the 3D enhanced versions of Excitebike & the original Legend of Zelda, & apps such as the Netflix movie streamer will be in 3D. Others, such as Virtual Console versions of games such as Mario Land or Link's Awakening, obviously will be in their original 2D format. Of course, we can hope that the few VirtualBoy titles that were made will get a second life here.

  • Anonymous

    I may be wrong, but I was pretty sure Nintendo dropped the 3D requirement.

    • Mike

      You're right. The 3DS does not require 3D. In fact I play a lot with the 3D off.  Looks great.  I believe the 3D is 30 FPS whereas with it off it is 60 FPS

      • Anonymous

        No, I meant that 3DS games don't have to support 3D anymore.

  • Kaherka

    I'm pretty sure the 3DS will have access to the entire DSiWare store, and those games are not in 3D. But new 3DS exclusive games will be available too, I'm sure.

  • Mike

    What do you guys think are betterold gameboy games or the app store games made gy one dev in his own free time?

    • Anonymous

      That's a pretty difficult question to answer, actually.
      If it wasn't for the fact that some GB(A) games have become established classics, I'd have no difficulty saying the app store.
      Even taking those exceptional titles into account, I'd still go with the app store for range, quality, and indeed; value.
      And let's not forget that in the years BAS (before app store), this and other systems were graced with some complete stinkers. And i guess still are.

    • Kaherka

      I think the Zelda and Metroid games on GameBoy and GBA are better than anything on the app store.

  • Capone

    Yesterday I had the chance to get my hands on a 3DS and I played a bit with the menu and enjoyed some Pilotwings missions. But to be honest -and I'm a huge Nintendo addict when it comes to consoles- I don't see how this handheld could compete with iOS devices at the moment.
    Nintendo shouldn't mess this update up, moreover must-have games like Mario Kart or Paper Mario should arrive soon. Because these brilliant games are the main reasons to buy a Nintendo handheld.

    • Anonymous

      Just like the 3D Movies - after 10 minutes, the oohs and ahhs wear off. I've played with one for two days -- it's definitely a very nice piece of tech, and seeing 3D without glasses the first time is pretty remarkable. I felt however, no desire to get one at all. If I had to choose a DS these days, I'd go for the larger screen DSI XL, but having an iPad2 completely disintegrates that idea.

  • ErikVeland

    E-shop? Is this the eighties? The E stands for electronic still, right?

    • SSDD

       Entertainment maybe?

    • Mike

      Nintendo uses e Apple uses i.   Big deal 

  • Anonymous

    I'm gonna go ahead and recommend that people download the Megaman Legends 3 Prologue when the eshop finally launches. Do it!
    Also, I was under the impression that Nintendo isn't requiring 3DS games to use the 3D, so there may be more crossover because of that (although the awesome Megaman Legends 3 is probably going to be an exclusive).

  • Steve

    The only way Nintendo is going to "compete" with Apple is if they lower the barrier for developing on the 3DS. I cannot find any information about allowing indie developers to make and publish games on the eshop. This isn't about 0.99 apps. It's about opening the platform to more developers that will make unconventional games.

  • Decoy Octopus

    Nintendo already has the appstore beat. Nintendo sole focus is games. The iphone focuses on a wide variety of task. With the 3DS having physical buttons, this will no doubt make games easier to control. As far as the price of 3DS games, consumers already knew what they were getting into long before purchasing 3DS. Price wont be an issue for Nintendo.

    • Mike

       What about iPad vs 3ds? wouldnt the iPad have it beat with battery life and screen size? thus being able to show more content on screen at once? also price.

      • Rickoshay

        When it comes to games the 3DS wins hands down every time due to having physical controls.  I've an iPhone and a 3DS and having the physical buttons makes you realise how fiddly it is to game on iOS.  Fingers obscuring the screen, touch controls still no as responsive as you need for twitch's just not as good.

        For content, films, music and as a multimedia device iOS wins hands down.  For gaming there is no comparison.  3DS for gaming now and the iPhone is multimedia.  Perfect.

        As for the 3D on the 3DS - I was cynical but after using it a lot it still is mind blowing.  It's the most exciting console release in a long time...and started playing games on a rubber keyed 48k Spectrum.

        Now THOSE were the days... 😉

  • DSguy

    I hear theres an Import from DSiWare to e-Shop feature which would be great. 

    • Anonymous

      There sort of is and isn't, NIntendo has stated that only some games can come over and you only have a limited number of times (ever) to do it so it's pretty terrible compared to say PSN or Apple or Googles app solutions. 

  • ANGRY PERSON !!!!!

     And even after all of this i and the rest of europe still have no idea of what date it will be released thank you nintendo for being a misleading mess upon the gaming industry

    • Joe

      Errr. Yeah we do. It's June 7th in Europe.. Pay attention!