Alright, I'll admit my curiosity has been seriously piqued by Gameloft's upcoming MMORPG. Order & Chaos Online could have some serious potential, especially judging by the following trailer which shows just how many players can be on screen at once in the game:

Unfortunately, details are practically non-existent outside of this trailer and the previously released teaser. Will it be a buy once then play forever game like Guild Wars? Will Gameloft employ the newly implemented iTunes subscription functionality? Will Order & Chaos be free to play with all kinds of IAP? It's hard to say, but I'm thinking we'll find out soon. Historically speaking, Gameloft rarely ever releases trailers for games that are at least somewhat close to release.

If you'd like to join in on the rampant speculation taking place on our forums, it's a pretty good place to hang out with other people remarkably excited for the game.

  • Zon

    I absolutely loathe Gameloft, but this definitely has me interested. Hope it's either a pay once or freemium game.

    • pedophiliafreesince1999

      hi mate. i never understood why people hate gameloft. it's not like gameloft did anything to them. it's not like they TOOK away options of gaming, or inhibited other companies from bringing out games to iOS, or tried to be sneaky and be shady about what they do.

      if anything, these guys bring you games that their publishers would never even think about bringing to iOS. if anything they are adding interest in big houses to actually make iOS ports of their games when they see the success. if they want to come out with a game, do IT! no one is stopping them!

      gameloft does not pretend to be anything. they make clones. it's what they do. they do it well more often than not too.

      i implore you gentlemen to not hate them for nothing. if you do have a valid reason, why?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, no! Not cliche fantasy again! Tell me, is there a law somewhere that forces MMO game makers to crank out cliche fantasy all the time? Or are these people so creatively bankrupt they can't come up with anything other than a WoW clone? Whatever the reason, I'm not getting this game. If I have play another magic elf I'm gonna puke.

    • Brandon Hines

      Haha cliche fantasy u say? Then start with everquest or something original WoW wasn't the first successful fantasy mmo. I swear all kids know now a days is WoW.

  • Anonymous

    looks like they even borrows the shitty textures from WoW (and animations)

  • Mike

    Buncha haters on here, I swear. Are you guys STILL not understanding the business model of Gameloft? They are the best at what they do, and IF you wanna play WoW on your phone, you can thank them for it. I mean, look at this, it's uncanny. I thought it really was WoW.


    • Pdboddy

      You've never played WoW then, have you?

      • Thaurin

        I have, and he's right.

      • Anonymous

        I'm going to be honest, Pdboddy: I saw what looked like a pirate ship in Booty Bay, amongst other WoW-like ripoffs. I'm excited. I want to play WoW on my phone!

      • Mike

        I played it for a week, or whatever the free trial was. Never got into it. But that's not my point, this looks and plays just like it. Got it? Good. Haha

  • Blueknight1st

    It better be buy once and play forever. Any kind of pay to play or IAP and Gameloft can go f--- themselves.

    • Rpgmind


    • Stephen Harrell

      If it's awesome....and done right, I have no problem paying a buck or two a month for constant updates, new dungeons, new loot, balance tweaks, etc. That's just how MMOs work. You can't poor never-ending development time into something that has no extra cash flow coming in.

    • Chris Flores

      when was the last time you saw a decent pay once and play forever mmorpg? Granted, I am skeptical on the "decent" side of it, but they have to continued online services somehow.

    • Chris Flores

      when was the last time you saw a decent pay once and play forever mmorpg? Granted, I am skeptical on the "decent" side of it, but they have to continued online services somehow.

  • Jay

    A conversation would be brutal on the tiny iPhone keyboard, or even the two-finger iPad method.

    • Anonymous


      • Jay

        Say what, now?

      • Anonymous

        Haha, it was a joke about how trade channel in WoW was pure spam and you wouldn't have to read said conversation on an iPhone 4 screen... 😉

      • Mike

        YEAH, CHINA!

  • Acidbottle

    interesting but i can see this being a disappointment.

    i imagine the zones will be small and uninspiring and will never be the size of wow or EQ, those things take up 15gig of HDD space afterall!

    however, looking past the shallowness and potentially small palette of spells/loot/quests, MMOs thrive on community and i dont think that can be achieved with such fluid ease as desktop based games.

    will be a landmark game on ios fer sure but wont take the world by storm.

    • michael c.

      Unless the world is broken down into instances. Other than that, I would worry more about the Frame-Rate.

  • michael caparas

    If the game has updates and patches then I would assume there would be a monthly fee. If they have a certain level cap and have to purchase to raise it, then that would be like Pocket Legends.

  • Phoenix155

    I don't play World of Warcraft, but I have friends and my two brothers that do...this looks so similar to WoW...that I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard/Activision sued them. It's WAY too much like their game.

  • Nineofspades07

    I'm not a massive fan of WoW, I'm not a massive of gameloft but this I am curiously wanting to play.

  • ronit

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