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Gameloft Releases New ‘World of Warcraft’-Lookalike ‘Order & Chaos Online’ Trailer

Alright, I’ll admit my curiosity has been seriously piqued by Gameloft’s upcoming MMORPG. Order & Chaos Online could have some serious potential, especially judging by the following trailer which shows just how many players can be on screen at once in the game:

Unfortunately, details are practically non-existent outside of this trailer and the previously released teaser. Will it be a buy once then play forever game like Guild Wars? Will Gameloft employ the newly implemented iTunes subscription functionality? Will Order & Chaos be free to play with all kinds of IAP? It’s hard to say, but I’m thinking we’ll find out soon. Historically speaking, Gameloft rarely ever releases trailers for games that are at least somewhat close to release.

If you’d like to join in on the rampant speculation taking place on our forums, it’s a pretty good place to hang out with other people remarkably excited for the game.