One of my favorite games that never seemed to get a lot of attention is Noodlecake GamesStick Golf [99¢/HD], which was released in May of last year. Far from being a traditional golf game, Stick Golf was more of a 2D artillery style game where each shot required figuring out the correct trajectory to launch your ball in order to get it into each hole in as few shots as possible. This particular gameplay fit extremely well as a golfing game, and Stick Golf featured a ton of content with 16 different 9-hole courses that ran the gamut from fairly typical to wildly fantastical.

Then this past December, the sequel Super Stick Golf [99¢/Lite] was released, and improved upon the original in practically every way. It contains all of the courses from the first game plus 13 brand new courses, and it introduces special ball types that you can use for extra abilities like more powerful shots or saving yourself from landing in a water hazard. Due to a trademark problem, the game is now known as Super Stickman Golf, and the original game will eventually be renamed to Stickman Golf as well, but this minor name change doesn’t diminish the fact that the Stickman Golf series is a total blast to play.

Last week, Super Stickman Golf received its biggest update yet, adding online multiplayer through Game Center for 2-4 players. Unlike what you might expect from online play in a golfing game, which is typically turn-based, Super Stickman Golf’s online play takes place in real time. Everybody in the game takes their turn simultaneously, and the winner of each hole is the one who can get their ball into the cup first. Matches can be played on any of the courses in the game, and special balls can be used too granted you’ve unlocked them in the single player campaign or by way of the IAP Pro Shop.

The multiplayer in Super Stickman Golf is way more fun than it has any business being. The simultaneous play is extremely frantic as you race against other players to be the first to land your ball in the cup. It is a bit difficult to find 4 player matches online at the moment, but Noodlecake is working on improving this issue for a future update. Also, multiplayer can be played locally over Bluetooth or WiFi if you have buddies who have a copy of the game. Best of all is that you can try out this multiplayer yourself for free, as the lite version of Super Stickman Golf contains 3 exclusive courses complete with the online matchmaking through Game Center.

I’ve always really liked the Stickman Golf series as a single-player experience, but after finally getting around to checking out the new multiplayer I’m even more impressed with just how much fun it is. Players have been loving the game in our forums as well, and there’s no reason not to at least grab the lite version of Super Stickman Golf to check out the fantastic new multiplayer feature.

  • GiHub

    I don't like golf and I don't like the Worms games, but I LOVE super stickman golf! It's a fantastic game with tons of content and an amazing multiplayer component. Get it, it's a steal for just $1.

  • Galley

    Why the name change? He's not a stickman in the classic sense of the word.

    • CGSColin

      Because of a company claiming to have a trademark on the word "Stick" as it relates to sports games apparently.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see this game finally getting some front page coverage! It's easily the best golf game in the Store, best sports game, and one of the best games period.

    And that's even before the multiplayer update.

  • Pauly

    I have the original and thought it was fun. The multiplayer sounds awesome, but not realistic for me. I REALLY like games like Disc Drivn and Words with Friends, where I can make my move and then when my friend is ready, they can make their move. This has been really successful with my group of friends and I would have loved to add this one to the mix.

  • Anonymous

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  • James Levio

    Brilliant game.....
    Would love to play it on my laptop but I can't find it anywhere, just in the Android store.
    The only problem I have had is that none of the power ups ever work except for the free 7 mulligans so 4 stars only!

  • James Levio

    Brilliant game!! Wish I could play it on my laptop but looks like it's only available in the Android app store.
    The only complaint I have is that none of the power ups work, except for the 7 free mulligans so only 4 stars but I still enjoy the game.