The developers behind Game Dev Story [$3.99 / Lite] and Hot Springs Story [$3.99] have released another simulation game on the Japanese App Store. It’s called, roughly, “Pocket School Story 2,” and it looks like a solid follow-up to Hot Springs Story.

In the description for the game on its official web page -- and mind you I’m looking through the lens of Google Translate, which is useful for little more than a vague idea of what's going on -- Kairosoft says you’ll be somehow responsible for the training of students’ abilities all the way up to their graduation. Things like love, as well as clubs and activities are mentioned, but I can’t say with certainty how these mechanics will be pieced together and form a cohesive whole. Also, it's a good possibility that you'll be in charge of building rooms and such similar to Hot Springs Story.

As for a US or international release... it’s hard to tell what Karisoft plans to do. Hot Springs Story made it to the US, and Game Dev Story was a tremendous hit for the developer, though, so at least there's precedent. We’ll have to wait and see on this one, but for what it’s worth, I’ve sent out an e-mail.

  • zero110100

    I'll wait for Game Store Story.

    • Grepochris

      It's not very good in my opinion. In Japan, we have had the game for a while and it was even free recently... but not great

      • Tjcavallo

        wait this isn't good or game store story isnt good?

  • Taylor Barclay

    I'm a bit cautious now. Game Dev had an immediate pull for me and kept me coming back to this day with multiple play throughs. Hot Springs on the other hand didn't last on my device at all. It just didn't have "it." It was like Game Dev with the heart ripped out.

  • Shadowknight626

    i have never been so hooked into a game since the old snes games...Kairosoft has won my money and ill be supporting them by buying there games they are so addicting...

  • Antz

    I need it now!

  • Stan

    I can read Japanese, so I'm playing it. TA if you need some impressions hit me up.

    Anyways, this game has lots of freedom and options. It's definitely more like HSS than GDS.

  • Anonymous

    Geez, what a letdown. Call me when I can manage a sumo studio : P

  • WrongMovie

    Ah this game goes swimmingly with my iPod Touch 2G. Nice that they updated this game this fast to solve a few problems 🙂

  • Vladimir

    Game Store Story should be next up for translation. Wasn't Hot Springs Story released in Japan between Game Dev Story and Game Store Story?

    I'm playing HSS right now and really hooked - I would still say Game Dev Story is better, but GDS is a game I put on my Top 10 Video Games of 2010 Overall. HSS had a lot to live up to and it didn't disappoint me.

    I expect this to be the same 🙂

  • Kevin

    soooo it's a sequel to a game we've never heard of 'til now?

    when the hell are they going to release (for iOS, in english) GDS2? i'm getting impatient.

  • Tjcavallo

    I was absolutely addicted to Game Dev Story because it was the most original thing since portal. I just started playing Hot Springs Story, but it doesn't seem as addictive, its kind of similar to a lot of other tycoon things. I don't really know, because a literally played it for 5 minutes. I will get this regardless. Kairosoft is awesome, I just wished they
    released things in America sooner...