It's Wednesday again, which means one thing around these parts: New Zealand game release extravaganza. If this is your first New Zealand Wednesday, here's how it works- When a developer sets a specific release date for their game, it becomes available for download in that region when that date hits. All of these games were set for release on 4/14, and since it's already 4/14 in some areas of the world, these games are already available for download there. This gives us a rare sneak peek at what is coming, unlike the usual "Oh hey, this is on the App Store now!" that we get the rest of the week. All of these games will be available at 11:00 PM EST, or potentially earlier if you buy your iOS games from Asian or European App Stores.

Anyway, here is what is coming out this evening that we're looking forward to:

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - Capcom's first online multiplayer enabled iOS title is a Resident Evil-based shooter with oddly high hardware requirements (for how poor the graphics look, anyway). You'll need a 3rd generation device or newer to compete in the 2v2 online team matches with various familiar Resident Evil weaponry on the three included maps with the hilariously descriptive names of "Dock," "Fort," and "Castle." We're likely going to need to wait a few days to review this one, as with any online game, it needs a community of players first.

You Don't Know Jack, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - Twenty "episodes" worth of questions are included, and there's even an iPad version. I'm totally excited for this, as the You Don't Know Jack series of games have been amazing over the years. There's even talk of updates and additional episodes, although it isn't clear whether these will be free or available via IAP.

Streets of Rage 2, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - I'm not sure what to say here, it's Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Genesis wrapped in Sega's emulator. I could probably write a review for the game without even playing it, but more than anything else, I'm just disappointed that they're not releasing more of their fantastic RPG back-catalog since teasing us with Phantasy Star II [$2.99].

The Relic, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - A cool looking universal hack and slash which seems to come packed not only with what's being described as an "epic adventure," but also an experience system laden with upgrades. I'm liking the massive swarms of enemies in the above video, which is something I feel a lot of iOS hack and slash games are sorely missing.

A.I.R. Defense, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - Despite the incredibly vague iTunes description, this game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Judging by the video above, it seems to combine elements of line drawing, castle defense, and tower defense in to one very bright game. I'm always open to try variations of games that dabble in multiple genres that work well on iOS devices.

(Trailer for PSP version of the game.)

Coconut Dodge, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] Believe it or not, you're looking at the PSN game of the year for 2010. I'm not entirely sure if that means Coconut Dodge is just that good, or the competition amongst PSN games is just that bad. Either way, I'm incredibly anxious to try it as according to the iTunes Description, the game has taken home several perfect 10/10's on the PSP which seems strange for a crab-based avoidance game.

Color Collider, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - This looks like a neat universal puzzle game by Capcom with gameplay that revolves around positioning the colored triangles to get the balls at the top of the screen into the appropriately colored buckets at the bottom of the screen. I'm a sucker for physics-based puzzle games, and the color changing element sounds like a lot of (complicated) fun.

Air Penguin, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - A penguin-based bouncing game where you bounce from floating ice platform to floating ice platform while avoiding hungry sharks and other obstacles. Featuring both a 100-level store mode and an endless survival mode, Air Penguin is entirely tilt based and seems to be packed with Game Center achievements as well.

Men vs Machines, Free - [Forum Thread] - What do you get when you take Gun Bros and re-skin it with a steampunk theme? I think we've found out! With that being said, the concept behind Gun Bros was really great, so if you had a lot of fun with Gun Bros, and want to start over again with steampunk weaponry, here's your chance.

Bug Village, Free - [Forum Thread] - Another freemium game from Glu today, this one puts you in the driver's seat of building a vibrant village of bugs. I'm oddly digging the art style, and am curious to see how far you can get in the game before hitting the inevitable time sink and pay wall.

Elemental Rage HD, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - We previewed this game recently, and as a lover of all things Metroidvania, I'm totally excited to play through it. An iPhone version is in the works as well, and is expected to launch in the next couple of weeks.

  • Phil Baxter

    Capcom phoning in another ultra low end mobile game. Why didn't they just port Resident Evil Mercenaries from the 3DS instead?

    • WindsorG

      Because it can't possibly play it. The 3DS is far more powerful than the iOS family, with the iPad 2 being the only possible exception. I love my iPhone and iPad, but this is the truth of the situation.

      • Eric

        I think your mistaken. 3DS has an A9 clocked similarily to the DSi (133mhz) with a dedicated GPU, and 128mb RAM. iPhone blows it out of the water. The problem is the iPhone is committing resources to many other things than the game your playing.

      • Phil Baxter

        Not true. Infinity Blade and Rage HD are ample evidence of the iPhone 4's power supremacy over the 3DS. Most 3DS games look little better than DS games.

        The iPad 2 is of course vastly more powerful than a 3DS.

      • Anonymous

        3DS maybe be more capable than current iPhone 4 as its a dedicated gaming machine. But lemme assure you even the iPhone 3GS is a capable of handling a shit load better graphics than this RE:Mercenaries port.

        The only reason I can think of capcom treating iPhone version as crap is the fact that it'll sell for 3 bucks (with 1000s of good games to compete with) compared to the 3DS version which will sell for $40 and virtually zero competition.

  • Mike

    Streets of Rage 2! It's like finding an old Starburst in the cushions of a couch. Even if it has a dirty wrapper, ITS STILL DAMN GOOD!

  • Anonymous

    Awww. No Superbrothers. Hopefully next week.

    • Anonymous

      I thought they already announced the date for that one.

  • Anonymous

    Air Defense looks really good --they're doing a lot of cool vector games lately. . I think I played the Relic on Steam - not a bad game, but but more gauntlet in its simplicity - I'm sure it will be liked for .99. The abstract Capcom game with the triangles and marbles has me intrigued, and I'm sure You Don't Know Jack" will feel at home on ios. Sega can kiss my ass. Elemental Rage and Bug Killer "video" impressions... meh, and Resident Evil: MudScreenaries is a insta-pass. Just my opinion, that's all. Yeah, it's cloudy and gloomy outside

  • Jezz Torrent

    Is there multiplayer in You Don't Know Jack? Because if there isn't, what's the point? Can you imagine watching Jeopardy with only only on contestant? All the fun is in the competition!

  • Ashflow

    No World of Goo?

    • Anonymous

      World of Goo will be updated to a Universal app tonight.

      Also, Gameloft's Asphalt 6 will be .99 tomorrow, in both iPhone and iPad "HD" versions.

      Another "big-spender" day for me!

      • Anonymous

        Actually, a separate iPhone/iPod Touch version will be launched as well for a buck. Big spender day...I know, right? Two bucks... my pocket will definitely feel the pinch!

      • Anonymous

        Why would they do that? BTW the Universal update is live now.

  • OMG!


    • Soul of Wit


    • Anonymous

      u mad

  • Federico Astica

    Yes, the PSN competition is that bad, with horrible games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Portable, Dissidia 012, God of War, Resistance Retribution, SOCOM series, Persona 3 Portable, Valkyria II, etc, etc.

    • SMP

      Hey! not cool man!

    • Phil Baxter

      Very true.

      I wish we had the option of paying full PSN price for full PSN quality games, but that just isn't happening and may never. People moan and bitch when a game costs virtually nothing on the app store, so they'd go nuts if asked to pay PSN level prices.

      The race to the bottom has somewhat strangled the app store.

    • Mike

      I can definitely live without all of those games you listed. Oh wait, I already do. No big deal. Leave the consoles games at home, homeslice.

      • SMP

        (More Groaning)

      • Anonymous

        LOL same here, Mike. My $199.00 PSP Slim/Daxter set hasn't been touch in over two years; absolute truth. And now, the value has hit rock bottom - there's almost no point in throwing it on Ebay or CL. Never warmed up to PSP gaming; if I didn't have an iPad/phone, I'd probably be being playing DS games to get my portable fix.

      • SMP

        The psp was their first handheld system, it certainly developed with it's growing pains. It was a multimedia device, a mobile movie player with UMD's, then it wasnt, then it was again, now it isnt. Enabling Cross Platform connectivity with PS3 to limited success. And while I would strongly disagree with The first person listing those games as horrible, I would say that the system failed to appeal to a broad enough audience, something Apple and Nintendo have easily covered. It tried to do too many things, and just ended up a mixed bag of features. But I think they made good decisions by leveraging the PSN for digital distribution. very much in the way that apple had for iTunes long before the iPod became a viable device for gaming. It remains to be seen if Sony has learned from their mistakes, because the PSP 2 has the potential to be a significant handheld device, or a repeat of their financial woes.

  • ChronoGear

    Isn't World of Goo out tomorrow too? Surely this would make the list.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, it's coming out at 11 o'clock tonight.

  • spidey

    This is the first time that Adam's family reference was used here, right? It's certainly apt 🙂

  • bones boy

    YDKJ = immediate purchase and no sleep tonight

  • Phil Baxter

    A word of warning on streets of rage 2. The old Mega Drive emulator performance issues are back. SOR2 jerks along at a very unsteady and lumpy frame rate. The audio is horribly distorted too.