Consider this a small bit of news for a huge shooter on the App Store. As of now, you can begin downloading a brand new map pack in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus [$6.99 / HD / Free], an FPS that takes a lot of its cues from Modern Warfare.

The pack, which weighs in at $1.99 via in-App purchase, will give you a total of three maps. As you’d figure, none are particularly inspired, but with names like The “Shanty Town,” the “Bunker,” and the “Battlefield,” I find it hard to believe the crowd eating these up at the moment care about the by-the-books approach taken here.

And, hey, even if you don’t buy the maps, the update that brings about this new IAP gives you a little something-something. According to the App’s page, this update sees that every player gets ten additional multiplayer ranking levels, a “perfect” multiplayer experience, and “better protection” against hackers. Wait, a perfect experience? I can’t wait to jump back in!

  • sean

    Did anyone ACTUALLY get the +10 levels?? didnt occur here! and I have to REAUTHORIZE the iAP purchase EVERY TIME i play. total waste.. dropping the ball AGAIN gameloft!!

    • Theelysium

      You probably used the wrong account to buy that's why it's doing that. Sounds like YOU dropped the ball!

      • Anonymous

        He means he has to restore the in-app-purchase... Looks like YOU dropped the ball!
        (Happens to me too) 🙁

    • Bpbatch

      Same issue with me on the constant reauthorization, each and every single time I either load the game or I switch out of multiplayer mode. Even when I do reauthorize, I cannot enter the new maps after initial success when the game was first updated. And I have no idea what the extra 10 levels are, and if someone can post a link detailing them that would be helpful.

  • Sanuku

    While others would Relase this DLC for Free we have to Pay for this in Gameloft Case. Don`t get me Wront but in my Eyes the DLC isn`t Worth the 2 Bucks.

    • Guido

      I agree, they should give map packs for free like Activision does with Call of Duty... oh wait...

  • Tikicobra

    Too bad no one plays this game anymore. >_O

  • mc2

    whts DLC AND IAP

    • Gangstra1

      DLC=downloadable content IAP=in app purchase

    • da beta testa

      DLC= Down Loadable Content
      IAP= In App Purchase

  • SMP

    I don't even tolerate twitch shooters like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, so this means nothing to me.... still, content is content.

  • Shankopotamus

    Is there some way we unlock the +10 multiplayer xp ranking? I got online after the update, but I was still the same rank as before.

    • Schuttemartin01

      instead of maxing out at rank 72 you max out at 82

  • Jxw245

    Is the DLC worth it? and are there any new guns with the new rank? Or are the new levels just a number with a badge.

  • Noman

    I don't understand, what's the point of having new levels if there is nothing to unlock?

  • Wisedude

    Hate DLC but I guess this is a good excuse to remove the game and free some space, I always did find it pretty sad people using an IOS device to play a FPS online I mean seriously buy a real console.

    • SMP

      Hmm, I wouldnt say something so condescending. For some people, a console just isn't right for them, if playing games like this on their mobile device works for them (whoever those people are), then that's great for them, why not?

      • SMP

        I like to use the word them a lot

    • Stirolak26

      Playing games on the ipad esp fps eith the fling feels almost like on the pc, and a lot better than small iphone, 3ds, or psp fps games. Its only really better on the pc but with the fling for movement and swipe for aim its almost as good.

  • Mike

    The shaking of the phone cracks me up. Like I wanna shake my damn phone to play a game HAHA! You can't see what you're doing when your phone is moving, especially that much. Comedy, I tell ya!

    • Stirolak26

      What is your opinion of nintendo? The 3ds? And the regular ds?

  • Yanley504

    if im level 67 do i jump to level 77? haha ill pwn anyone coming to the new maps, just like ive done in countless other maps, why did they have to kick the hackers 🙁 i like destroying there soulds as they hack with my skills, im very happy for this map pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Haraldschmidt

    Get a life...

  • fershers


  • Woodheylol

    Its funny how almost everyone thibks they gain 10 levels, obviously the one thing lacking here is logic.

  • Recninja

    Basically, they will add an extra 10 levels to the max limit. Meaning if you are level 72, you stay at level 72 but you can level up to 82.