This morning, one of our favorite iOS social games got an update. Two-brother team Pixelocity released a version 1.5 update to their unique, turn-based racing game, Disc Drivin' [App Store]. This latest version features three new maps (Zoom Zoom, Hopper, and Canyon Jump) along with an updated user interface, an added FAQ, and various other fixes.

This asynchronous online multiplayer racing game has you taking turns flicking a small disc around a track against your competitors to see who can cross the finish line first. Powerups and hazards add a bit of a Mario Kart flair to the action, and the turn-based nature of the game works incredibly well for gaming on the go. We really enjoyed the game in our initial review from December, and things only got better when random online matchmaking was added to the mix in February.

Late last month Pixelocity released an iPad native version of the title, Disc Drivin' HD [App Store], which we found to be a great way to experience the game.

  • azentropy

    Nice update, but still hoping they add multi-player by GameCenter support.

  • TheWatcher

    No AI? No purchase.

    • Arnold Kim

      Do you not have wifi or an iphone? I play this all the time and would never play against AI. The fun is playing against other people.

      • Gee Lampa

        I have to agree. With random asynchronous online play, AI is redundant, and a thin substitute.

        Random online is RI, so who needs AI?

    • Adams Immersive

      AI would be neat, but I don’t miss it: no AI will ever equal the unpredictability and creativity of a real human, and the random matchmaking works great.

      For quick offline fun, try pass-and-play against yourself; it’s not the same, but it IS a great way to hone your skills!

    • Anonymous

      I really can't see how AI would be fun in this game. Play it online or play it locally with friends/family. It's a *fantastic* pass-and-play game. Even better then online as it's much quicker that way. But fun online too.

    • Anonymous

      AI in this game would be lame. The fun is playing against real people.

      If you can't find a friend to play with, trying playing with yourself.

      You could switch to the left hand for player 2. It'll be a whole new experience. 😉

  • Dag

    wish it had leader boards and stats!!

  • Anonymous

    This is really a great game, excited for the new tracks! You don't need AI because of the great random matchmaking.