The folks at Firemint have just sent over a brief demonstration video of the next major feature they have cooking for Real Racing 2 HD [$9.99], which will arrive in the next update. Using the video out feature of an iPad 2, Real Racing 2 HD will be able to be displayed on a big screen in full 1080p resolution while the device's 10-inch touchscreen shows a track map and race statistics.

This is the first indication we've seen of an iOS game taking advantage of the iPad 2's ability to render out at a full 1920x1080 HD resolution. On an HDTV, Real Racing 2 HD will run full screen with no black borders and at native 1080p resolution, without scaling.

[ UPDATE: Inspired by this news, we dug deeper and did a little lab work and found that many of the existing iOS games that have supported TV out on earlier devices can be played in full 1080p on the iPad 2 with HDMI or VGA cable -- without an update. See our post on the subject. ]

The game is said to run at a solid 30fps in this mode, and real-time telemetry between the iPad screen and TV will allow for no lag while controlling the game with the iPad.

This announcement is big news, as it effectively paves the way for your iOS device playing the part of a home gaming console in addition to a mobile platform. While not quite as powerful as the current crop of gaming consoles, and iPad 2 is capable of some impressive visuals, and the appeal of being able to play the same games on my living room TV that I play while I’m out and about is huge.

Firemint is vague on a timeframe for this feature's arrival, only saying that it will come in the next major update. Real Racing 2 HD is already on of the best games for showing off the power of an iPad 2, and once this update is released you’ll be able to show it off in your living room in full 1080p.

  • Boogie

    Awesome,bring it on

  • Anon

    "Air gamepads" posthaste please.

  • Dave

    Cool. But what about improving the performance of RR HD2 on the iPad for the fans that first put their company on the map. I think it is very telling how bad it is that you haven't even completed a full review review of the game because there is no way to spin the fact that it is horrid.

    • Kadman

      While I don't disagree about getting a product to work on a particular hardware rev, the first iPad was hardly what put these guys on the map. In fact, the original version for the iPhone was one of the marquee games for some time.

      • Touch

        They did okay with a little game called Flight Control as well.

  • Henry22

    Is Apple dominating right now or is Apple dominating right now..UNstoppable!!!

  • Jimmö

    Dave, you're not making any sense...?

  • Mike

    Obviously, this game would be better if it had guns.

  • Art Vandelay

    Goodnight, PlayStation.

  • MoHeyNow

    It never ceases to amaze me that, already at this point, I will frequently find myself sitting on the couch in front of my pimped out xbox 360 and 50" plasma tv playing tiny wings etc on my tiny iPhone.

    • Decoy Octopus

      Agreed, the hdmi out is best served for movies, presentations, etc.

  • MoHeyNow

    It never ceases to amaze me that, already at this point, I will frequently find myself sitting on the couch in front of my pimped out xbox 360 and 50" plasma tv playing tiny wings etc on my tiny iPhone.

  • Michael B

    So, assuming the next AppleTV has the same internals as the iPad2 (or, heck, the same as it currently has), and can run games like this (which we know it can already do) - and Apple has a $100 console with sub-ten-dollar games that go after the casual gamer. Sucks to be MS/Sony/Nintendo.

    • David Schaefer

      I think my Apple stock will like this even more than I do...

  • Anonymous

    The good news: this article - the bad news: This means other companies now have to up their game and release/revise their output of games to full screen. As it is now, the HDMI output on 99.9% of games is not full screen. I wish there was some kind of update on Apple's side that would make all games full screen with out the borders. I guess that's what mirroring is, but I want a wide mirror! lol Still a great product though (the hdmi out)

  • Daniel Zandian

    While I'm not a race car fan, I really like the promise of this.
    Was actually thinking the other day about AirPlay and gaming and what cool stuff could be made with that. It could completely knock the Wii out and what not.

  • D Fizzle

    This is great and all but in this day and age I just hate the restrictiveness of the "wired" aspect. I don't really want to be waving my pad round with a cable attached.

    Surely it's a naturally progression to start allowing this type of functionality over AirPlay. I'd definitely pick up an apple tv if I could send my iPad and iPhone games to the TV screen.

  • Anonymous

    As cool as this is, as long as you have to be tethered to your HDTV with a HDMI cable, this will always be impractical, and probably won't catch on. If Apple get with some kind of Wireless HDMI, then that will really change the game.

    • snowalker

      Perfectly true, I don't like the idea of cable. Also I don't like being forced to buy iPad2 for playing games on TV. What about iPhone 4? 🙁

  • Daehawk2

    gimmicky at best..the effects showing are pointless to be HD. No one is going to give up their current systems for this really. I just cannot wait till they make a ipod with the power of the new PSP. Then its game on!

    This is good however for playing movies at a friends house.. thats for dang sure. Just plug it in and watch some HD quality movies if you friend has a good TV.

  • Jord

    I understand the whole playing high quality games on your phone and portable devices. but if im sitting in my living room in front of my HD TV id prefer to be playing a PS3....

  • Polishing Marble

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  • snowalker

    Does anyone know a working solution to play iPhone games on HD TV?