Remember that Dungeon Raid [$2.99] update we talked about last week? It’s up and available to download now. Version 1.3 of the popular, match-3-with-a-significant-twist game brings about ten unlockable character classes, a total of ten skills, five new “special” monsters to sword to death, new introduction tales, and 75 new achievements. Yeah, I meant to write 75.

But wait, what’s up with the races? Our other post on this subject, based on developer response in our forums, had the skinny:

Races will, essentially, add in an advantage versus drawback element. Each race has a special bonus, but is also weak to a specific enemy type, so there’s an obvious strategic piece being added to the core game here, a perfect addition for those seeking more challenge.

Dungeon Raid, by the way, is a fantastic game. Fearless leader Eli Hodapp gave it a full five stars in his review from much earlier this year. Also, it’s safe to assume that even more content is on the way -- the devs said as much in our forums, but the catch is that future updates might not be as large as this one. They’d rather do smaller, more manageable tweaks in the future in order to get content out to you faster, which seems like a solid plan to me.

Have you given the new Dungeon Raid a spin yet? What do you think?

  • Will

    I love this game.

    So so much

    • Aaron Sullivan

      Me too, and I read the previous review but couldn't get past the visuals -- I'm usually not like that. I just didn't get how a match 3 could be that interesting. Everyone who has enjoyed an old school RPG needs to look past the appearance of a tired match 3 puzzle game and try this. It's entirely engrossing and rewarding.

      My wife and I are helpless against its draw.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    W0OT!! Yay, that came faster that I thought!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Dreadg

    I definetly love this game. Its simply awesome but one feature would be pretty nice to add: a leveling system where you create a char and play it till death and from that point with equip and last monster level again. Then i would say its the best iphone game i´ve ever played.

    • Lord Gek

      This is the nature of Roguelikes and Survival games, dead is dead. While I understand this "one death and it is all over" would be ridiculous in a REAL RPG, this is more a highscore puzzle game in a RPG stylized wrapping.

  • Lord Gek

    This update is awesome and adds another layer of depth to this already great game, but, I'm imagining this whole class/race system could be confusing to new folk playing the game for the first time since it really isn't explained all that well. Also sure to confuse people at first is that when you choose to play as a 1st level Elf Ranger...that first level has nothing to do with you in game experience level, it's more of your meta level based loosely on how often and far you have gotten with this class in the game. The higher your character level is means you'll have more freedom in customizing your character before you start a game (the race, perks, flaws, and skills you'll have to choose from).

  • Jay

    I almost feel like this made the game too complex and involved to be fun for a quick play. Wonder if they'd consider adding the original style game in as a Quick Play option or something.

    • Stephen E Palmer

      I believe that playing as the default human race and class is the same game as before the update. I could be wrong, but I don't think that class/race has any perks/flaws or special skills/mortal enemies.

    • Kennfusion

      Yeah, play as a human adventurer and it is the same classic game.

  • Ommo

    I love this game and this update sure makes it last a lot longer. Would not hurt with a manual somewhere in the game. There are some stats from the base game that I still don't really understand and it's a little unclear exactly how to unlock different classes. Also, who need four difficulty levels?

    • Chungyen Chang

      You can easily find tooltips by tapping on different areas on the "Edit" screen...just play around and you should be able to find all of them, including how to level up.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      The skill levels are going to be useful, because my games on normal are lasting too long. This game is insanely addictive and the upgrading of the classes is a fun long term toy to tinker with. I'm thinking the dev should really have an ad-based version, because games last so long and the addictive nature means players keep coming back for more.

  • Chungyen Chang

    This update made an already awesome game even greater.

  • Dave Tran

    The update added some much needed depth. It was a great fun pick-up game you could stop and start without much thought. The strategy was pretty good but at the hardest difficulties it became very chance-based; did you have a sufficient powers, a good health potion route, or a way to mitigate the tough bosses at higher levels (i.e. teleport cooldown is up). Before the update it got a bit stale but now there's an incentive to keep playing to unlock classes and races. And perhaps add a bit of customization.