Last week we showed you the new trailer for Gameprom’s latest iOS pinball title War Pinball, and over the weekend the game went live in the App Store. It comes in two flavors, War Pinball [99¢] for iPhone and iPod touch and War Pinball HD [$2.99] for iPad. If you’ve been a fan of Gameprom’s iOS pinball titles over the past couple of years, you should be instantly familiar with the basic mechanics and layout of War Pinball. But this new game is easily their best effort yet, and besides containing 3 solid pinball tables within one app it’s also a great showpiece for owners of Retina Display devices or the new iPad 2.

The 3 tables in War Pinball are all based on MGM action movies from the 80s and 90s - Platoon, Navy Seals, and Missing in Action. Gameprom has done an excellent job putting these licenses to good use, and each table features visual elements, music, and sound bites that are appropriate to the movie it’s representing. Even the table missions follow along with the movies really well, and if you’re familiar with the basic plot elements from the movies you’ll get a kick out of seeing nods to them as you play through each table. As a quick note, there are several curse words contained in the voice samples taken from the movies, but there is an option to turn these off or set a password lock to restrict access to certain tables if you’re concerned about younger players being exposed to them.

Each table in War Pinball is rendered in full 3D and contains more complex designs than any of the previous Gameprom titles. The visuals are crisp and colorful, and look especially great on Retina Display devices. War Pinball HD is also optimized for the iPad 2, and it not only looks razor sharp on the larger screen but it runs at an absolutely insane frame rate, running fast and smooth without so much as a single hitch. I’ve always loved having an assortment of pinball apps on my iPhone in my pocket at all times, but in the case of War Pinball HD the performance is so impressive on the iPad 2 that it’s my preferred platform for playing the game.

One important factor in video game pinball games is the physics, and War Pinball feels very in line with previous Gameprom games in this regard. That is, the physics are very good for a video game simulation, but they don’t feel exactly like a real life pinball table. If you’re an absolute pinball purist you may not find them completely accurate, but they’re consistent and easy to adjust to, and are far better than many of the other video pinballs out there.

If you don’t have any experience with a Gameprom pinball game, you can download their first 3 games Wild West [Link], The Deep [Link], or Jungle Style [Link] for free during the next several days to get a good idea of what to expect from War Pinball. These games are all a lot of fun and worth owning anyway, and they can even be purchased as a single app called Pinball HD [99¢/HD] which contains all 3 games and the ability to unlock their fourth game Slayer Pinball Rocks HD [$2.99] as an in-app purchase.

While all of Gameprom’s pinball games are very good, War Pinball is definitely the cream of the crop. If you’re already of fan of their previous work, this latest game is an easy purchase decision as it contains 3 fun new tables that make great use of their movie licenses. If you need a bit of convincing, try any of their games currently being offered for free, and if you like them then War Pinball is an easy recommendation for an upgrade.

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  • Guest

    This review describes the game on retina devices and iPad 2, but not the iPad 1. It's the beginning of the end for the iPad original...

    • Gameprom

      I don't think so 😉 We optimized our 3D engine and in next update you can turn ON antialiasing option for 3GS devices, so War Pinball will look much better and you can really compare it with picture from Retina Display from iPhone 4.

      • Noah

        Any chance of these 3 games being added as iAP to Pinball HD?

      • Dave

        Gameprom, is there any chance you could get the license to a real classic game such as Addams Family? That is my all time favorite pinball machine. I would to see it on my phone

    • Lakeshore

      The game runs perfectly on the iPad 1.

  • James

    would have been nice for the reviewer to also say how good or bad this title played on the original iPad... bit of a concern for iPad owners, when games are being optimized just for iPad2

    • Gameprom

      60 fps in all our pinball games for iPad and iPhone. Don't worry we care our reputation.

    • Adams Immersive

      Don’t fear any great tidal waves of games optimized only for iPad 2. It wouldn’t make economic sense. (And the iPad 2 hasn’t even been in developers’ hands long. Those that could get one at all...)

  • ASFx

    Will these tables be added to Pinball HD? I'm kind of confused about this this is a separate app instead of being added as additional tables for download inside Pinball HD.

    • mash

      Have you heard the term 'development cost' yet?

      • ASFx

        Mash, Gameprom charges for the extra tables as an in-app purchase. They would still get paid if they added these new tables as in-app purchases in Pinball HD. If you owned Pinball HD you should already know this.

        Unfortunately this seems like another case of a developer unnecessarily adding additional apps to the app store when these new tables could have easily been added to their existing Pinball HD platform.

      • Anonymous

        The engine looks like it has some improvement. If this means nothing to you, you couldn't upgrade the engine with DLC. It's more than just a content update...

  • metalcasket

    Gameprom, just curious...are these 3 war boards going to be added as In-App Purchases in Pinball HD?

  • pogosov

    we can't add "war pinball" into our "pinball hd" due to our contract with MGM Studious.

  • Anonymous

    No Game Center, no thank you. Besides, after buying their first 3 pinball games then having to rebuy them to get what should have been a free retina update, I decided not to buy their games anymore.

  • Wiz Kid

    Its pretty good, i got it, but in my opinion Slayer Pinball Rocks is still there best Pinball game. Im more for the typical Pinball set-up. War had some elements that confused me (:

  • Art Vandelay

    How much of the purchase price goes to Charlie Sheen? I don't want my money to support someone's drug habit.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't care for their earlier games much, so this is a pass for me. I wish the Pinball Hall of Fame folks would bring out a version of that for iOS. I also wouldn't mind a version of Pinball FX 2. Preferably both. 🙂

  • John

    Soooo awesome. They're an absolute steal at 99 cents for all three. I actually feel kinda guilty getting them all for a buck. The level of detail and gameplay is so slick, they're beyond any other mobile pinball games by a hundred miles. And I don't fault the developers for changing their payment models as they figure out the best way to work with the app store. I shouldn't say anything to give them ideas but if these games were five bucks a pop I still wouldn't be able to resist them 😀

    The Chuck Norris one has a few problems with the camera, though. It got stuck in super-close-up view a couple of times, and once the screen went completely white and I lost my game, which sucked. I hope a fix will be forthcoming.

  • k88dad

    I see an app called Slayer Pinball Rocks HD available as a separate app, but it's listed as Sony and not Gameprom. Is that the same app?

    • k88dad

      The same as the IAP for Pinball HD, is what I mean.

      • Anonymous

        They are both the same game.

  • kc! Bradshaw

    Love the pinball games, really hoping more would be added into the Pinball HD as in-app purchases instead of a new app. I understand the licensing issues, and it looks really good, but I probably won't buy it until it is offered inside Pinball HD.

  • Dave

    Gameprom, is there any chance you could get the license to a real classic game such as Addams Family?

    • Gameprom

      Who know? May be 🙂

      • Pinball-Wizard

        Addams Familiy is very nice, but my vote goes to William's "Monster Bash". Oh, and of course "Indiana Jones", also by Williams. Or do a Williams-1990's-Pinball-Collection, i'd pay almost any price for that!
        Just dreaming.....

        Great work with War Pinball & War Pinball HD, by the way!

      • Anonymous

        If they recreated a past table, they would need to have more realistic physics. I agree with the review: the physics aren't anything like reality, but they are acceptable. I think the physics need a lot of improvement, but I also think these 3 new tables are a lot of fun. The table design makes up for the lack of great physics.

  • Anonymous

    One thing that really irks me about the Gameprom tables is the flippers. They are too pointy!

  • San

    I've enjoy all of Garmeprom's pinball games and will be buying these as well. I find they are more fun to play on an iPad due to the bigger screen size.

    Gameprom is by far the best pinball App developer in the App store. I haven't seen anything that even comes close.

    I'd like to see Gameprom make Gottlieb's Haunted House from 1982, my favorite pinball game.

  • Ujn Hunter

    God damn I wish you sites would make sections for "iPhone" or "iPhone 3GS/4" only! Another dollar wasted on a game I can't play. Argh! (Note: I'll take the blame for not reading the small print in the App Store and for assuming that because Gameproms other games have always worked on my iPhone this would too.) But damn you and Apple for not specifying a difference in "iPhone" games and "iPhone 3GS/4" games! It's like calling a 3DS game a DS game.

  • Anonymous

    I love the physics of the engine, but I can't understand the visual style… It's just every single colour in the palette on every table and every lighting effect on at the same time. It's hard to see the actual table under all that skinning and it makes playing unnecessarily difficult.

    I would love to have just one table with an interesting architecture but a more stylish design. The Deep was my go-to table before but the HD version went the wrong way…

  • Wiz Kid

    Oh my, if they made the real pinball classics like Adams Family and made them digital.
    That would be an instat buy. There are so meny great pinball games from the 90s that i would love to have on my iPad. Gameprom! get on with it. Your my only hope!

  • Neil Sorens

    Hi Gamprom, Neil from Zen Studios (Pinball FX2, Zen Pinball) here. Just wanted to say that your games are our favorites on iPad! Keep up the good work! Glad to see other developers doing quality original tables!

    Everyone else...if you like pinball and have an iOS device, buy this! and Pinball HD!

    • Gameprom

      Hi Neil. Thanks a lot! So, when your pinball games will be available in AppStore? 😉

      • Lakeshore

        The Zen pinball was the first one available in the AppStore ;). Yes, it sucked and today it sucks even more, because the ball now not only stutters, but also blinks. So, keep up the good work, Gameprom! You seem to have the only good performing engine :).

        BTW: Pinball remote? Where is it? And what happened to my purchases for The Pinball (pre-AppStore)?

      • Gameprom

        "The Zen pinball was the first one available in the AppStore ;)."
        I know this 😉 I mean: When Pinball FX, Marvell Pinball or Zen Pinball titles will be available on iOS?

        PS: Pinball Remote in development, will be released soon. Tired of waiting for an GameKit framework for MacOS X SDK from Apple.

      • Neil Sorens

        I don't think the App Store/iOS is in our plans for the next few months. We're swamped with things to do on other platforms, and it is hard to port content from those platforms to iOS because of the hardware limitations and the nature of the table designs.

  • Vermifax

    Slightly off topic, but Is there any benefit to buying pinball HD (already bought war pinball) when I already own wild west, the deep, and Jungle Style that I bought separately?

  • kstrasser

    Looking forward to trying it out and seeing if it feels a bit more real than Pinball HD did. Speaking of real pinball machines, I have an app all about real pinball machines -- The Pinball Book for iPad --

  • Matt Kozlov

    Congrats, Gameprom on yet another fantastic release!!! Keep up the great work!

  • dave

    Played it tonight at a bar and people asked me what I was playing. One person said he was going to trade in his droid phone for an iphone after he saw it.
    Congrats, it is way fun to play to, and it is obvious you appreciate what I think of as the golden age of pinball.

  • Sgdeluxedoc

    I still havent read anywhere a clear answer, if any extra tables will be ever available for pinball HD on the MAC..

    Will they?

War Pinball (Platoon, Navy Seals, Missing In Action) Reviewed by Jared Nelson on . Rating: 4