Gameloft is getting increasingly blatant with their clones as of late. Starfront - Collision [$6.99] was so StarCraft-y that I've had friends who were shoulder surfing me flat out ask how I got StarCraft on my phone. They're not stopping there though, the latest teaser trailer released by Gameloft revealed today that their sights are set on... World of Warcraft, believe it or not.

Feast your eyes on this:

Details are scarce currently, and it remains to be seen how this game will be sold. Apple has recently added the ability for in-app subscriptions, so Gameloft could be following the typical MMO subscription route. Much more likely though is that this game will have some kind of freemium mechanic to it, which is where I'd place my bets. We'll have to wait and see!

For details as they're released, keep an eye on Gameloft's Facebook page.

  • Sanuku

    Let`s just Face it, because neither Electronic Arts nore Activision Blizzard are seeing the Mobil Market worth their Time Ubisoft/Gameloft is conquering it on almost every Aspect. If this MMO will be Successful, and we all know that it will be, Ubisoft/Gameloft might sooner or later earn more Profits actually from the Mobil Markets then from their PC Devision.


    Gameloft - We are still waiting for the Starfront HD Version 😉

    • Phil Baxter

      EA has made quite a few iOS games, and some are decent too. You should try Dead Space and Mirror's Edge before you write them off, although I certainly think they could do a lot more if they tried.

    • Phil Baxter

      EA has made quite a few iOS games, and some are decent too. You should try Dead Space and Mirror's Edge before you write them off, although I certainly think they could do a lot more if they tried.

    • Anonymous

      To be honest, I can see why EA etc would be cautious. Remember when that stat came out saying that something like 90% of game downloads on iOS were pirated? That's a TON of money down the drain. Console pirating isn't nearly as rampant.

      • Rothgarr

        You got a link to your resource for that statistic?

      • Anonymous

        It was a TA article from a while ago... I forget who, but some iOS developer (I believe they were indie) said that stat. Ngmoco comes to mind but I may be wrong. Anyone else remember this?

      • Nori Silverrage

        Well, that is total BS considering the only way to pirate iOS is through jailbreak and most people don't jailbreak. Also just because something is jailbroken doens't mean they pirate. Lastly game companies always blame their problems on piracy though its often not to blame.

        Consoles are as easy to pirate games for as iOS.

      • Adams Immersive

        One thing that may skew piracy stats: a pirate may slurp up TONS of apps “just because,” but that doesn’t mean they actually have time to play even a fraction of them for more than a few seconds.

        In other words, if an honest person buys one new game a week and actually plays it, while a pirate downloads 50 games a week but only spends time on one, then you have that pirate doing 50x the downloading... but not actually playing more than anyone else. Still very wrong, but looking at downloads alone doesn’t tell the whole story.

        Result: those tons of pirated downloads aren’t all cutting into what would have been sales. Only some of them are.

  • Anonymous

    EA has a lot of games for iOS, including some pretty impressive ones (NBA Jam, and I hear that Dead Space is pretty nifty too, though I'm not interested in that one). So I'm not sure that's fair to say that they aren't showing a substantial interest in iOS.

    EDIT: this was meant as a reply to Sanuku. I don't see any way to delete a post. Oh well.

  • GodSon


  • Awesome

    Gameloft should focus on making TF2 like, or at least a new unreal engine game, rather than making new RPG

    • Mamoon65n

      yeah, you're right! who cares about RPG's. They should make a new Action-Adventure Marvel Superheroe game similiar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 using the Unreal Engine 3.

    • Wortek


  • Anonymous

    Star Front had really different base building and balance mechanics than StarCraft, I'd say its much more of an homage than a copy

  • Turkeydipking

    JIZZ IN MY PANTS. Please oh please let this be good!

  • stlredbird

    I'll get it probably. Hopefully you don't need a wifi connection to play. If I can gather with a 3G connection I'll be happy.

  • Phil Baxter

    Putting aside the usual digs at Gameloft for making shameless ripp-offs, I'm not sure there's much merit in making an online only game on a phone. 3G, even with a strong connection has incredibly poor ping times - far worse than even an old dial-up modem. And that's on a good connection. When on Edge or GPRS there's barely any connection there at all.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know about "far worse" than old dialup, i get around 200-300 ms ping times, which is more like "similar to" old dialup 🙂 And im sure lots of ipads and ipods and iphones on wifi would play it too if they could...

    • Anonymous

      I've been on 3G (the network standard) as my *only* internet connection for over 3 years, first dongle-modem and now by tethering my 3GS. Has worked out well so far. While I'm not getting 50ms ping times, I'm normally hovering between 150-250ms (this is in Sweden, by the way). WoW and EVE have both been working very well on my end.

      The good/bad connection (i.e. network congestion during peak times and area coverage) has sometimes been an issue but then again I usually have a connection where there's no wifi available anyway.

  • Chuckfinley73

    Jeeze Gameloft, do you have ANY original ideas? Or is it just too simple to steal from Blizzard?

    • Wizard_Mike

      You are aware that Blizzard has never done anything new, right? Blizzard has made their name by taking niche games and simplifying them for a broader audience. RTS games, action RPGs, MMOPRGs... These all existed before Blizzard ever made Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, and WoW. They just weren't main stream games until Blizzard made them to were the average Joe could jump in and enjoy them.

      I'm not dogging Blizz or anything. I think it's great what they've done over the years (they are one of my favorite game developers). I just think it's silly to dog on Gameloft for stealing from Blizzard, when Blizzard got themselves on the map by doing the same thing, more or less. Of course Blizz created their own art styles and all, but then again they are a huge enough company to spend resources on that kind of thing.

      • HisDivineOrder

        So I guess you could say they're the... Apple of games, eh? 😉 Don't knock refinement. It's definitely not something a lot of companies can do well. Gameloft is not refining these games. I love some of their games, but only because the companies that make the games Gameloft is ripping off won't make ports of their games themselves. Sooner or later, one of these "homages" you speak of is going to wind them up in court. This one looks a whole LOT like WoW. Even more so than Starfront: Collision and, hell, they even copied Starcraft's initials (SC) in the title on that one...

        Remember, Activision never met a company they weren't planning on suing sooner or later.

    • Anonymous

      Blizzard has publicly stated that warcraft is an homage (aka ripoff) of war hammer so be careful which companies you accuse of lifting ideas.

      • Sharkyizrod

        Nope, they said they were makin a WH: 40k game but games workshop said no so they made their own game just takin the race orcs. so its not a rip-off at all. dont be a retard, think.

      • Anonymous

        No, Warcraft was going to be a Warhammer Fantasy game but they didn't get permission. Starcraft I guess is supposed to be Warhammer 40k.

      • Anonymous

        How about you try and fucking think eh? They snagged the orcs,the zerg,the protoss and a lot more besides that. Blizz took their ideas and tweaked them and of you played gamelofts game you'd see that they tweak it quite a bit too so fair play.

        Again they have said in interview that they lifted many ideas from warhammer, it's not a crime to do so and companies do it all the time.

      • Anonymous

        How about you try and fucking think eh? They snagged the orcs,the zerg,the protoss and a lot more besides that. Blizz took their ideas and tweaked them and of you played gamelofts game you'd see that they tweak it quite a bit too so fair play.

        Again they have said in interview that they lifted many ideas from warhammer, it's not a crime to do so and companies do it all the time.

      • slayerzack1

        warcraft is not a rip off of war hammer

    • Michael A. Robson

      Congratulations you're halfway to becoming an Apple fanboy.

  • Hthomas

    You must be fucking joking.

    • shadowsfall


  • Greggray

    Very Cool! Would rather Blizzard did it but will take it from Gameloft. They are doing a great job of making sure developers know that if they don't take their software mobile it will be taken there for them! I think the consumer wins either way! Can't wait!

  • Kefiox

    Wtb Advance Wars/Field Commander ripoff

    As for the mmo on my phone I think I'm going to have to pass, I just don't see it doing well

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if Gameloft is ripping off?
    As long as the other big companies ignore the App Store it's good enough for me.
    Even if a lot of Gameloft Games suck a little bit, with Star Front we have the best iOS RTS und with NOVA and Modern Combat we have the best iOS Ego Shooter.

  • Dave

    I would love WoWC on my iphone or an iPad, that said I will buy this day one.

  • Stephen Harrell

    If it's done right, it could be huge. Especially on the iPad....where you have so much more room for ability buttons and such.

    The problem here is POLISH. Nobody...and I mean NOBODY polishes a product like Blizzard does. If they just throw something together (and some of their games are), then it's just going to cripple the perceived value of such a game on the platform. And the iOS gaming community wants something like this badly. I hope they do it justice.

    • Jakemarley36

      It's funny that you mention polish, because that's what I love about Starcraft, but when I tried to get into WoW I couldn't get over how crappy the gameplay and graphics were (not performance related, I'm on an i7 iMac). It was just so terrible, it was nearly 100% keyboard driven and wouldn't translate to touch well without a massive overhaul.

      • Anonymous

        The graphics in WoW are deliberately easy on the system. It's one of the things that attracts however many million users to the the game. Nintendo does it for the Zeldas. If we Cel shade it, everyone forgets how its not HD. WoW asks little. It's got it's own art style going back to Warcraft III. If you don't like it, okay, but, WoW's art style looks frakking great run on a high on a good system.

        However... You're saying WoW was too keyboard orientated yet you loved Starcraft? I bought a logitech gaming keyboard just to play Starcraft competitively, I've played WoW for years raiding the highest level content with nothing but an Apple Aluminium BT keyboard and a decades old logitech MX mouse.

        keyboards ain't your problem guy, you just don't like MMORPGs

      • HisDivineOrder

        If you automated some of the things some classes do in a way for the gamer instead of forcing them to build macros/mods and/or use specialized gaming keypads/mice, then I'd say you could make some classes from WoW work well in an iOS game. Especially on the iPad.

        I bet Blizzard is kicking themselves for not porting WoW to iOS and just shaking their heads in disbelief that someone else was able to do it.

        Then again, Bobby Kotick sees the future as Facebook and Perhaps he won't care... Haha, yeah right.

      • Anonymous

        Bobby 'Shit Eating Grin' Kotick is a bag with which one douches. He plain and simple will not see the appeal of iOS because hey, Activision Blizzard are making plenty of money as is. Thanks WoW subscribers! you're bankrolling crappy COD sequels.

        Give it two years, and Activision Blizzard will be allover iOS, and by that point EA and Gameloft will just own everything. We wont care that theres an officially licensed version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne available because by that point we'll be playing the sequel to Gamelofts homage to WC3:TH and loving it.

  • Pangxueyu

    Finally an mmorpg from gameloft , reckon there is goin to be tons of in app purchase ....

    • Wortek

      absolutely! Finally they heard my prays!

  • Spadezz

    I cannot wait for this to be released! It looks amazing now and can't wait to see it progress and hope we have it real soon! MMORPG on my iPhone like WoW I have waited for, forever. Now it finally comes to life

  • Slogra

    I cant belivie some people are actually whining. Remember that this is a freaking iPhone and finally we get a good looking great MMO to it.

    Im extremely happy and i dont care if its a copy. So please shut up and move on, cause i am very very happy that Gameloft gonna do this.

    I have their trusts. They have made good copies like NOVA2, and i am actually willing to pay a amount of money every month to play this game. Hopefully it will be around 2.99-6.99.

    Once again, thanks alot Gameloft that you exist. And i hope you upgrade this game alot with new content etc, and even if it turned out to suck, find out why and fix it. I know you have the potential. Without you iPhone would be boring.

  • EastsideStompers

    It's a pity this doesn't seem to be using the Unreal engine that Gameloft will be using in future games. WoW is all about world immersion.

  • Aros2k

    Great stuff, will definitely pick this one up!

  • Bazman67

    I've bought several Gameloft games such as Dungeon Hunter, Hero of Sparta, and Lets Golf. They've been some of the best games I got on my Itouch. I'd probably buy this in a heartbeat if it came out. Sure looks like it would beat Pocket Legends. LOL

  • Omegaxboy

    Just wonder how does Gameloft get away from being sue by all the company they rip off? Don't get me wrong. I love Gameloft and have most of their games. I just hope they don't get sue all of sudden and have to force to drop this mmorpg after it comes out. I can't wait for this one.

    • Fedepg123

      Ikr but i think It is actually ok if the change The char models,names,world,lore etc. Because technically it would be "different". And even though theyre kinda (almost everything) similar, theyr good games and im hapyy that gameloft would do this games for its customers if the other companies dont give a shit for mobile games.

    • Joe

      I'm guessing that it has to do with Gameloft developing their graphics and game engines from scratch. Sure they make them look as similar as they can, but as long as the code and art contained in the product is different and not a direct copy, they are on fairly safe legal footing.

  • Azmaatak

    Hey people. Check this video out. Be honest with your comments. DON'T hold back. link below

    youtube . com/watch?v=3ifZblZZ1GU

  • Jjones9908

    i got and was impressed with starfront, just wondering when they will do diablo 2 justice ??

  • Anonymous

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  • Didierverdier

    It cant be possible ...C'mon... They can't !! .. What's next ? Halo , hum.. oh yeah they already did it ...

    • RazJUK

      How can Blizzard possibly sue them, after all, WoW isn't exactly original, and Blizzard have copied many ideas from other MMO's that came before. Perhaps Sony can sue WoW for copying Everquest?
      Seriously though, unless Gameloft plaguarise the Wow Story, characters or World, Blizzard can't sue.
      Lets hope Gameloft spend a bit if time getting the combat, UI, and talent and character customization right. Lets hope its not like Dungeon Hunter, where you where seriously limited with the amount of buttons and skills you could use on screen.
      Also hopeful Gameloft can implement some kind of Emote UI for which communication in the thick if battle.

  • James

    Wow look at all these.... _______.

    No one is actually discussing the game itself.
    This is one of the reasons why I dont come to TA that often anymore.

  • Matthew L.

    I don't care if it's a copy, it looks fucking fantastic. That's Gameloft really: Blatant copies, but good. The real companies would never bring these games to the iPhone, so really... Gameloft does it for them! 😀

  • Bobbylite

    Everquest 4 lyf bitches!