Last week while we were all busy with GDC shenanigans, developer Simogo quietly announced Bumpy Road, the follow-up to their previous iOS title Kosmo Spin [99¢]. After being pointed in the direction of the game’s trailer (thanks Daniel!), it didn’t take long for me to realize that Bumpy Road is shaping up to be something special. It utilizes an interesting control mechanic where you directly change the elevation of the ground using your finger. This enables you to raise and lower a car driving on that ground in order to collect various objects and negotiate the terrain.

It’s a unique idea, and one that is easier to understand by watching the following trailer, which also displays the lovely art style of Bumpy Road:

The premise of Bumpy Road will revolve around a family out for a leisurely drive, and the items you collect are actually memories that will tell the story of their lives. According to the information on Simogo's website, it sounds like Bumpy Road will contain an endless mode, a timed mode, and a story mode, but the exact details are unknown. Simogo does promise that it will be a universal app with Retina Display graphics and Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements.

So far people are getting pretty excited for Bumpy Road in the upcoming games thread in our forums, and based on the hints from Simogo in that thread the game could be available as soon as next month. We'll keep a close eye on Bumpy Road and bring you any new information as it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it's a "very" unique idea. It's been done before:

    • Anonymous

      The gameplay seems completely different to's a platformer! Whatever the case, I am extremely excited for this game.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I don't understand the obsession people on this site have with Solipskier as if it's the alpha and omega of all games. I mean it's basically a ripoff of Kirby's Canvas Curse (particularly the race levels).

        Meanwhile, this game controls differently, has different mechanics, and looks completely different. So I guess you could say it's Solipskier, if by that you mean it doesnt really share anything in common and is barely in the same genre.

  • Aros2k

    Will definitely pick this one up

  • Anonymous

    I love the art style!

  • Guest

    Mario: The Golden Years

  • Saxon

    This looks like a really cute game! But I really don't like previews of iPhone games. I think of them as impulse buys, so whenever review sites like this spend their coverage on a preview and then don't follow up once the games come out I never remember to get them. 🙁

    • Adams Immersive

      I keep a folder on my desktop actually: Apps to Get, and I drag the favicon from there to the folder. Every now and then I check to see if I missed a game from the folder. (But most often either TA follows up, or I run across the game anyway in the forums or AppShopper.)

    • T. Benjamin Larsen

      Evernote is free and can be used for this kind of stuff. Just ad a note from the web-browser whenever you see a game you're interested in.

  • Benito Mussolini

    Looks great. Gonna let the credit card do the talking

  • Feldt

    Brillant concept, nice looking visuals. Clear must buy!

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