‘Wispin HD’ Released – Color Matching Combat Now Available for iPad

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Grumpyface Studios released their first iOS game called Wispin [$1.99/Lite] for the iPhone and iPod touch last November. Wispin is a unique take on arcade-style arena battling games and used a color coded system of combat that had you matching the colors of your foes in order to defeat them. The gameplay was fun and decidedly different from any similar games, and the wonderful art style gave it a certain charm that was hard not to like.

While we really enjoyed the game in our original review, there were a few hiccups associated with a first time release, mostly dealing with finicky controls. Grumpyface updated Wispin several times since then, incrementally improving the entire experience and tightening up the controls. The culmination of this was the 1.1 version released in early February which finally struck upon a solid feel for the controls as well as added a brand new level, a new enemy, and an assortment of other goodies.

With all the rough edges finally smoothed away, Grumpyface went to work on a native iPad release of Wispin which has just gone live in the App Store. Wispin HD [$2.99] retains all the core elements of its iPhone counterpart but comes with a few iPad-only features to accommodate the device’s larger screen. Each level is expanded accordingly to fit within the larger play area, and the controls are now completely customizable with the ability to drag and place them wherever you choose.

There’s not currently a video of the iPad version as its too new, but if you’re completely unfamiliar with Wispin then the original trailer will give you a good idea of the game:

Wispin has remained one of my favorite games since its release, and now iPad owners have the ability to experience it in a version that is tailored for their device. There is a ton of fast-paced and strategic gameplay in Wispin, with achievements and leaderboards using Game Center that will have you giving it “just one more go” for a new high score. There are plenty more positive impressions in our forums, and if you’ve been holding off on Wispin until an iPad version was released then now is your chance to get in on the action.

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