French iPhone blog recently managed to snag a hands-on of Gameloft's upcoming Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. Yesterday we posted the game's trailer, along with the announcement of the release date which just so happens to be next Thursday.

I would have loved to see some of the co-op in action, as the game comes packed with three player online co-op as well as ten player online multiplayer. Regardless, it's cool to see the game in action and only serves to further point out how difficult it's going to be to choose which two friends of mine I want to blast through the game in co-op mode with first.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard is a first person shooter set in the Tom Clancy universe. The Rainbow Six series of games historically have been fairly awesome and packed with tight urban squad-based combat, so I'm really hopeful for this one.

  • JCGaga

    No gyro? =(

    • Gwet17

      It isn't the most convenient thing to have in a gameplay video, but I'm sure it'll be included.

  • DotComCTO

    Hmm...for some reason, I expected more a strategic shooter rather than an all out FPS. That said, it looks pretty fun. Can't wait to see the reviews (since I'll be waiting for the HD version). 🙂

    • dude1

      Your expectation sir cant but covered on a touch screen, wait for the NGP!!!

      • Stelph

        I dont know, I think a slower-paced, more strategic game is more at home than a fast pitched "twich gaming" shooter

  • Guy that apple rips off

    Looks great, it better support lower devices.

    • LBG

      It doesn't support devices below the 3GS (thankfully). You have to realise that the technology in phones is advancing rapidly, at a faster pace than most other electronics.

  • gee

    it looks goood; kant wait 4 it!!!
    ..thumpz up for gameloft

  • Sousuke Chihara

    Is the gyroscope supported?

    • LBG

      Probably. All of Gameloft's recent FPSs have.

  • Truth

    Did they take out the planning phase before every stage? That was the great thing about the original series, and also the replay mode. From this video, it looks just like an on-the-fly squad-based action FPS with fixed waypoints. Also, it seems like there's only one squad. I hope I'm wrong though. The original Rainbox Six games were the best. The more recent ones have focused more on the action phase without giving you the opportunity to actually plan the siege/raid.

  • Ale

    Looks amazing n can't wait to be released.multiplayer,co-op online with friends,can't get no Better then that.gameloft,y'all the best in my book at what y'all do when it comes to delivering the greatness.can't wait to see y'all work up the unreal-engine3!

    Keep rocking...

  • Jason Mickelson

    Yes! Looks like it plays pretty similar to the recent console versions. Looks like they kept the cover system in tact. Can't wait to give it a try. Need a R6 fix.

  • Quickmatt101

    can u pick the friend in co op mode