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Upcoming Unity-Based MMORPG ‘World of Midgard’ Looks Promising

It’s crazy what we’re starting to see on mobile devices as the performance gap closes more and more with each iteration of mobile technology. Back in the day when I was playing EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, and other ancient (by today’s standards) MMORPG’s, I never thought I’d be playing something that looked even remotely similar on my phone. Enter World of Midgard, an MMORPG based on the Unity engine that looks surprisingly similar to those very same 3D classic MMORPG’s.

It’s still way too early to pass any kind of judgement on this game, but the few YouTube videos that have been uploaded look awfully promising, and the developers seem very excited about the project. For instance, take a look at this fully narrated video on one of the game’s dungeons:

Details are vague right now, but forum user Elevas30 compiled an array of responses from the developers to various YouTube comments on our forums. They expect to release the game in about four months, and it initially will come packed with four classes: Fighters, clerics, rogues, and mages. Among other details they’ve mentioned that all classes will be able to heal and resurrect party members. The game is also slated to be free.

I’m not entirely sure how excited to get about World of Midgard, especially considering the crazy balance issues that will almost surely arise from every class being able to resurrect and heal. Either way, I love that iOS and mobile devices have come so far. If a small team of indie developers few people have ever heard of are building ambitious projects like this, just imagine what would be possible in the future.

For more information and videos from the game, swing by our forums.