I’m clicking rewind on our post-GDC 2011 coverage in order to... cover some stuff we weren’t quite able to at GDC 2011! Here’s the deal: During our partying at GDC, we kept running into Paul from Tag Games. On top of being able to hold his brew like a champ, the dude can design games with the best. He took the time to chat with us about Car Jack Streets 2, and as I hinted just a second ago, it’s sounding mighty good.

To rewind a little further, Car Jack 2 appears to be a faithful follow-up to the original Car Jack Streets [$3.99]. It’s like Grand Theft Auto, if the name didn’t ring a bell. To quote from our original review of Car Jack Streets:

Randal's [the protagonist] money-making options are many and fall on both sides of the law. While, as one might expect, money can be earned by jacking cars for chop shops, helping with bank robberies, delivering "merchandise," and knocking off or protecting thugs, there are also legit ways to bring in the cash, such as driving taxis and buses and delivering pizza. A pizza pays a bit less than a hit, however…

As you’ll notice from the forum post, CJS 2 has an unusual art style, also, if you’ve been following the App Store, you already know that it’s hitting AFTER Rockstar put out a full and really good Grand Theft Auto game for the iOS. So, what’s the ace up Paul’s sleeve? Word on the street is that Car Jack Streets 2 is free-to-play with oodles of social features.

We’ll let you know when we know more stuff about the game. But, hey, just wanted to put it in your mind. Looks like a winner, and we're really curious to see what can be done when you combine social gaming with a genre that typically always been single player.

  • Sesquipedal

    providing updates don't destroy all of my saved data, I'm sure it will be better then the first, which was a great game otherwise.

  • gee

    i hope its better.
    the first one sucked.

  • backtothis

    Yessss! Finally, more news on the sequel. The first game was a killer for the time frame it was part of, and I have no doubt that this will be a winner. Can't wait. The first one mixed the depth of GTA with a more pick-up and play twist. A perfect combination if I say so myself. Excited :].

  • GodSon

    I gotta admit, the origami style graphics look dope!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I love the new art style!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1573452407 Michael Liu

    Wow. I'm loving the polygonal cell-shaded style they're going for here! Wonder if it'll play as slick as it appears to in this trailer, though...

  • Tikicobra

    I hate social games like this. I hate how I can never really own the game. I hate how I'm always forced to buy stuff that ends up costly way more than if the game simply costs $4.99 up front.

  • Mwhite67

    I'd like to see some actual gameplay. FMV doesn't tell you anything

  • Mr Alir3za

    Awesome Game with nice looks graphics...

  • http://twitter.com/highlightshadow Jamie Wallis

    That looks pretty sweet .... i really don't mind cell style animation or this new origami look ... if the game is smooth and plays well i'd rather have cool animation than poor 'realism'

    Hope the game lives up to it!

  • E_Domina

    cops and robbers, co-op, competitive modes?

  • TheTheory

    Dancing cop at the end of the teaser = win.

  • donperson

    Looks very promising.