We've got some seriously good news from GDC 2011 for our retro game-loving readers out there. A pile of Bitmap Brothers Amiga classics are on the way to iOS from two different developers.

This morning we spoke with KavCom games who demonstrated an iOS version of Z, a real-time strategy game that was originally released in 1996. The game consists of two armies of robots battling for control of a series of planets. We captured a bit gameplay video of a pre-release build on both the iPhone and iPad. The video won't mean much to those unfamiliar of the series, but should show existing fans a taste of the upcoming iOS version.

Z was highly rated and very popular game during its time. We'll have more information and screenshots about the game shortly.

And, if that's not enough...this afternoon we met with John Hare of Tower Games who developed the iOS port of the recently released Bitmap Brothers cybersports classic Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. Among other titles (which we will detail shortly), Tower Games is planning to bring a many other Bitmap Brothers classics over to iOS, including Xenon 2 Megablast, Gods, The Chaos Engine, and Magic Pockets.

Hare was also associated with Sensible Software, creators of the Sensible Soccer series. He indicates that Tower will be bringing forth a soccer title that utilizes the Speedball 2 engine.

There is no specific timeline for these coming, at present.

This is outstanding news for both retro fans as well as iOS gamers that never had a chance to experience these landmark titles. We'll bring more news on all of this as we hear it.

  • Anonymous

    More fantastic news. I know I'm a minority (or too old) when I say, I have no further reason to play the two big consoles. It's been months and these guys are just taking up too much room with zero use.

  • MysteryBiro

    Hopefully the Richard Joseph sound track to Chaos Engine stays intact!

  • aronz

    YES! YES! YES! A Thousand times YES! The Chaos Engine!

  • Jaygeldhof

    Chaos Engine!!!!!!! Best news ever.

  • Mister Mumbles

    Oh my! Z! One of my all-time favorite RTS games. A more unique entry in its genre.

  • Mister Ed

    Megablast! Bomb the bass!!

  • Robotron2084

    Z was a FANTASTIC game! And it work brilliantly on iOS espcially the iPad.

    Will buy (unless they mess it up somehow).

    • Robotron2084

      Ugh, typos. Should read "And it _could_ work..." etc.

  • http://twitter.com/Kamblad Torbjörn Kämblad

    Chaos Engine is the original dual stick shooter, albeit you only had one stick back in the day. I am stoked!

    • Anthem_47

      I can think of one that sort of predates it...Smash TV on the NES, believe it or not, had a system where a single player could use two controllers to play, left hand d-pad for the gun, right hand for the movement. It was more comfortable than it sounds! (The d-pads were oriented so you held the controllers upright like a Wii controller). ...Anyway, random trivia!

      • Robotron2084

        Man, you guys must be young.

        The ORIGINAL dual stick shooter was my namesake: Robotron 2084. Smash TV was a spiritual successor to Robotron.

  • Dtale

    Yes! Chaos engine is back!
    Incredible news can't waiting to see it in action.

  • Jwenv

    yay! more crappy ports!

    • Anonymous

      Let's hope it's not the original games that are ported but, for example, Xenon 2000: Project PCF (high-res, 3D wonder) - but, preferably, with the original music.

  • Diemetrix

    i love Z. My dream finaly omes true! i hope they have the priginal voices.

  • MrClemente

    Putting in my request now for the best isometric action-adventure game ever made! Cadaver! - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadaver_(video_game)

    Please nice developers, make it happen 😀

    • Elwood89

      Get Dospad, Cadaver runs great on it. If you bought it back in the old days, why pay twice?

  • Lukas

    Heh so they react on my letter 🙂 I wrote them half a year ago that will be nice have Z on ipad 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Run Manomio! Run! 🙂

    Every day comes a 16-bit cult: your Amiga Emulator will be unnecessary! On iOS there Pinball Dreams, Giana Sisters, Babylonian Twins, Qwak, Space Ace, Prince of Persia, Monkey Island, Double Dragon, Speed Ball and… your porting of Flashback.

  • Crish

    Z? Hell yeah! And now give me X-COM: UFO Defense. 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/Flowermilk Flowermilk

      Hell yeah UFO

  • zoo

    John Hare, please, PLEASE can we have ports of these games with the original artwork and sound. I'd actually pay to have Dan Malone's original artwork instead of the new art in this new Speedball 2 port.

    *crosses fingers*

    • Icecream! Guy

      I reckon they did a pretty bang hot job of staying true to the original GFX yet making GFX not be chunky on my iPhone 4.

      • http://twitter.com/Flowermilk Flowermilk

        No not at all. Looks pretty bad in my opinion.

      • Icecream! Guy

        Oh come you spoilt little brats whining about the GFX not being the exact 16 bit rez GFX, I spent a lot of time playing SB2 on my Amiga. And when I saw some of the same chars showing up like Ola - they looked good enough/ballpark to put a smile on my face. Get over it. They don't look bad.

        That abortion of an Xbox game. That's what I call bad.


    • http://twitter.com/Flowermilk Flowermilk

      I second this. A big thanks to you for porting these. But please, for Chaos Engine, PLEASE give Dan a call and see if he's interested in porting the art. Or just keep it exactly like the original. The upresing on Speedball 2 isn't good, and the new art you added is pretty bad I'm sorry. Same for Xenon 2, try to get Mark Coleman involved if he's still around or keep the art from the Amiga version. I'll not buy them this time around if you do the same treatment to the art as Speedball 2.

  • Quickmix

    I hope the release the best Bitmap Brothers Game ever for IOS: CADAVER

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    Frame rate looks incredibly low. I'm really sick of sloppily programmed iOS titles. If CAVE can run bullet hell shooters at 60fps then I'm damn sure a port of simplistic old Amiga title can do the same.

  • Mrguest

    Will all these brilliant games be same ugly as Speedball?

  • P45

    Hahaha are you serious...wow the other day I was thinking "Geee how cool it would be to play Z on the iphone". Now this news comes out of nowhere lol gr8 stuff. Now if only someone would port Myth to the iphone.

    • P45

      Btw to people interested in Z check out "Robocalypse" on the app store. It's a nice rts with the similar look and feel.

  • Anonymous

    Please let the music for Gods (Into The Wonderful by Nation XII) be ported in full sampled MIDI instruments glory, as well as have the digital voice in it.

  • MetalHeaded

    Great news, all the best Bitmap Brothers games are coming to the iPhone. I never thought I'd see this day.

    • Jay

      Good news, just need decent controls to play them with! Hope they are coming to psminis then I'll buy them

  • Elwood89

    I thought these games came to iphone when iDos came out. Or am I missing sth?

    • Anonymous

      Missing framerate and giving the developers their due, I'd say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Cherrystone/100001190184811 Frank Cherrystone

    Don´t forget CADAVER, the best game ever!!!

  • Randito

    Z had a fundamental game play flaw IMO. And yes, I bought and played it when it came out back in the stone age.

    Your stuff builds faster the more factories you have. Which means, if you are winning you start winning faster. However, and more importantly, if you start losing, you lose quite dramatically and horribly.

    It doesn't seem like much, but it definitely turned me off from an otherwise neat game.

  • Donald E Smith Jr

    Can't wait to see Chaos Engine. Now if we could only get them to port Populous and Alien Breed I'd be in heaven (I know different companies but still).

  • wayneleon

    Great great news indeed. I well remember the hours I spent playing those fantastic games, all those years ago. 'Speedball 2' and 'Gods' , especially, are mouthwatering prospects that I simply cannot wait for.

  • wayneleon

    One more thing to add, I wonder whether those games will retain the'ambience' and the sheer exhiliration, when playing them on another format? Obviously, there was a certain 'feel' to the Atari ST and the Amiga, when playing those games on those systems. I hope we do not lose that 'X' Factor, that those classic games had.

  • http://www.facebook.com/trutypesounds Sergey Khaninev

    Damn yeah, NEW CHAOS ENGINE TO THE PEOPLE, BUT...check how new speedball 2 is poorly drawn!!! Its a disaster! BRING BACK DAN MALONE! He can do all the superb gfx style to your games, damned! Stop ruining awsm games. Speedball already ruined twice.

  • Jon Stone

    Good god.. Gods. I still play this game on my mac via winuae but would love it on the iphone. I also second the notion that we need Dan's original artwork, or at least the option to switch. No 3D please, they're not the Vector Brothers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.lockwood1 Andrew Goaty Lockwood

    Yes get in ive grown up with chaos engine and gods i wish they would pull their finger out and get it released as i would def buy it