SpikeDislike [Free] is a simple arcade game that we reviewed last month and have been hooked on ever since. The goal is to move your perpetually bouncing ball to the right while avoiding an endless series of spiky objects and earning combos and multipliers that add to your final score. It uses an easy one-touch control mechanic that anybody can pick up and play, but few will ever be able to fully master.

Since our review, SpikeDislike has been updated with some additional features. There’s a new “Zero G” mode which plays a bit like any of the various iCopter games that have been released where your ball automatically sinks to the floor and touching the screen raises it into the air. There are also new kinds of combos and small badges that appear when certain tasks are completed, such as breaking a previous high score or passing a set number of spikes. Presumably these will fit in nicely with the planned Game Center integration sometime down the line, and a Challenge mode is nearing completion and is planned for the very next update as well.

The other big addition in the last update was 4 brand new graphical themes to choose from, bringing the total to 8. What’s interesting about this is that one of them is actually a fan-made theme. Visiting this link on the developer’s blog explains how you can make your own sprite sheets for SpikeDislike and submit them for potential inclusion in an upcoming version. There’s no guarantee that your sprite sheet would make the cut, but it’s worth a look if you’re into making that sort of thing just for fun.

So now that we’ve got the important information about why we liked SpikeDislike and what’s new in the latest version, we can move onto the real reason you’re reading this which is that SpikeDislike is currently free for the entire day to celebrate the developer’s birthday (Happy Birthday James!). SpikeDislike was an easy recommendation at a dollar, especially with the nice content update it received and more planned for the future, but it should be a pretty easy decision to make to download the game while it's currently free.

App Store Link: SpikeDislike, Free (Universal)

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  • Nineofspades07

    its quite a playable little game.