Back in January, one of the unfortunate aspects of developing for the App Store reared its ugly head. Developer Halfbot’s popular Flash title The Blocks Cometh was stolen nearly pixel for pixel and released in the App Store by a different developer. This sort of thing has certainly happened before, but what made it even worse is that Halfbot didn’t even find out about this injustice until they saw the counterfeit version of their game in the App Store’s New & Noteworthy section. So not only did their game get released under their noses while they were in the midst of porting it to iOS themselves, but Apple even featured it.

Halfbot quickly took action and informed Apple of the situation, the wheels of justice cranked ever so slowly, and eventually the unauthorized version of The Blocks Cometh was pulled from the App Store. Since then, Halfbot has finished up the actual port of The Blocks Cometh for iOS and is set to release the game tomorrow. Here's a quick trailer for the game:

If you aren’t familiar with The Blocks Cometh, it’s a game similar to The Incident [$1.99] where an endless supply of blocks come falling at you from the sky and you must continually stay on top of them as they pile high into the sky, while also avoiding getting crushed by one. You’re able to jump, double jump, wall jump, and destroy the blocks using various offensive weaponry to help you achieve great heights. You can check out the original Flash version of The Blocks Cometh to get an idea of the gameplay.

What is really exciting is that fellow indie developer Ravenous Games, creators of League of Evil [99¢/Lite], has teamed up with Halfbot to cross-promote new content in each others’ games. We liked League of Evil a lot when we reviewed it earlier this month, and fans of the game can look forward to an update that adds 30 brand new levels that are themed after The Blocks Cometh. Conversely, when The Blocks Cometh launches tomorrow there will be some unlockable characters that have been taken directly from League of Evil, and offer new ways to enjoy the game.

The update for League of Evil has already been submitted and is currently “in review” with Apple, so be on the lookout for it as it can be released just about at any time. As stated, The Blocks Cometh is already approved and set to release tomorrow, which typically means later tonight for most everybody in the US. We’ll definitely be taking a look at it just as soon as we get our hands on it. If you are a fan of awesome pixel art, retro chip-tunes, and solid platforming then prepare to have an enjoyment overload when The Blocks Cometh is released and League of Evil gets updated with new content.

  • Fdjkl

    Yay! I love this game. Thanks for the update.

  • thebleeptruth

    Not sure about Blocks Cometh since it hasn't been released yet, but I believe both that and League of Evil should be Universal. I'd love to play them both on my iPad. No idea why League of Evil isn't. Graphics and controls are pretty much as simple as Monster Dash, and that looks fine on my iPad as a universal app.

    • Beethy Koelewijn

      I play Leage of Evil on my Ipad all the time 🙂
      But yea I would prefer a universal version for sure!

    • Halfbot_Melvin

      The universal build will be added in a future update but unfortunately it will not be available at launch.

      • thebleeptruth

        Fair enough. At least I know it's coming. Feels good. I'll definitely pick this up once it goes uni.

  • Gwet17

    Will The Real Blocks Cometh be 99c?

    • Halfbot_Melvin

      Yes Gwet17! The launch price is set at 99c.

  • Alan Smithee

    Jared, why not update your review of Rainbow Pony with a note mentioning that its developers, EdisonGame, are the thieving frauds who stole "The Blocks Cometh"?

    Honestly, why haven't Apple simply banned these people from the App Store entirely? For goodness sake, all the contact links and support links provided by EdisonGame lead to nowhere—doesn't that give Apple a clue as to the nature of these "developers"?

  • drlrmon

    Actually, the fake Blocks Cometh stole the character from league of evil. It kindof cracks me up that they are putting the character in the game again.

    • Dzylon

      ...fellow indie developer Ravenous Games, creators of League of Evil [99¢/Lite], has teamed up with Halfbot to cross-promote new content in each others’ games."

      Read the article.

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