As part of a recent promotion, Gameloft left it up to the people to decide what game it would offer up for less than a dollar in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Those people have since spoken, indicating that it wanted the FPS, Halo-clone NOVA 2 [.99 / HD] to be sold at .99 cents. It is now available for that price on the App Store, but be weary of the one-click purchase, as the iPad version of the game is still sitting at a juicier $6.99.

NOVA 2, is a competent follow-up to the original NOVA, which did a lot to set the bar for iOS first-person perspective shooters. Like in the series its based upon, Halo, NOVA 2 has you shooting aliens, running through corridors, and even killing fake-real people in a robust competitive online offering. This follow-up in particular features a bit more compelling variety in its campaign, too -- if you’re into piloting mechs, shooting super powered guns, and driving motor bikes that is.

A dollar is a great price for this game. Good job, Gameloft fans. I’m a fan of you.

  • Anonymous

    "but be weary of the one-click purchase"

    I think you meant to say WARY. I will *never* get tired (weary) of easy App Store buys.

    Great game, wish I had a bit more space available for it.

  • Adam Hill

    Why isn't the iPad version on sale as well? LAME!!

    • Carlos-Sz


      I was hoping to see at least a good discount...

    • Hampus

      indeed, sure sucks

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, disappointed

    • PyroDecimo

      RetinaPad ftw 😀 Solves all my iPad problems concerning iPhone app resolutions.

  • xStatiCa

    The gyro controls on this are awesome. Definitely turning out to be one of my favorite iPhone games.

  • Zandog

    This game is all graphics, devoid of content. NOVA 1 was better.

  • JCGaga

    NOVA 2 has some gyro lag issues...messing up my aiming precision that I had with NOVA 1. It was like using the iphone's camera -- when you pan the camera the screen doesn't correspond immediately. I went back and played NOVA 1 and noticed how much more responsive and precise it was with no lag.

  • Teemomusalino

    I bought the game for full retail when it came out and still haven't touched it. Now it's on sale. I'll hold back in the future on buying games at 11 pm EST when they'll all just go on sale before I get a chance to play them anyways.

  • Jason

    Wow gameloft 40 min after 12 and it's over? That totally lame... Don't need this until it's 99 cents after that bs

    • BulkSlash

      Yeah, I just searched for it on my iPhone and it was listed for 59p, so I tapped on the search result to load up the "Buy" button and it had jumped to £3.99. Never seen that happen before, but I'm not paying that much for one of Gameloft's clones.