Back in October we reported that, in what will surely be a dream-come-true for a sizable swath of oldschool iOS gamers, Tower Studios and Vivid Games, in association with The Bitmap Brothers, announced that future sports classic Speedball 2 would be making its way to the App Store in the form of Speedball 2: Evolution. We're happy to now be able to add a good bit of detail -- along with screenshots and a trailer video -- to this excellent news, thanks to a recent release by Tower Games.

The original Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, which was first released for the Atari ST back in 1990, was just awesome. It was a sequel to the original, superb Speedball, that was just better in every way. (Some readers with fewer years of gaming under their belts might be familiar with the 2007 XBLA release of the title.) Speedball 2: Evolution, as the name might suggest, takes the game even farther, bringing quick-play, league and cup tournaments, a detailed career mode, along with multiplayer support.

"This is the best version of Speedball 2 since the original and the best remake of any classic title available on the App Store," creative director and Tower Games CEO John Hare, who earlier brought us Sensible Soccer, assures us.

"Speedball 2: Evolution is the most comprehensive game in the series, and a real programming masterpiece thanks to the amazing efforts of Vivid Games. To existing fans this is a classic remake, to the new generation this is a fantastic modern game in it’s own right. It marks the first arrival of a Bitmap Brothers classic to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – expect to see many more classic titles re-mastered and updated by us in the future."

Some of the Speedball 2: Evolution features, as listed by Tower Games:

  • 336 individual players
  • 22 achievements
  • 20 power-ups and pick-ups
  • 16 classic Speedball teams
  • 12 new intergalactic teams
  • 10 season career mode
  • 10 single player modes
  • 6 arenas on four different planets
  • Player transfer market and upgrades

Speedball 2: Evolution will be available in the App Store later this month (price not yet determined). And, this is only the beginning of the retro goodness. Tower Games intends to release a series of remakes of classic Bitmap Brothers games for iOS gamers.

The Bitmap Brothers, in years past, also brought us Xenon II, Gods, The Chaos Engine, Cadaver, and Magic Pockets.

  • Simon Windmill

    I'm possibly the only person in the world who prefers Speedball to Speedball 2 😐

    This does look like a nice update, though.

    • Flowermilk

      No you're not, dude 🙂

    • Joel

      +1 to the no. Speedball one rocked.

    • Wolfmaniac

      Speedball 1 rules !

  • Netwerkramp

    OMG chaos engine!!

    More on topic:
    good to see bitmap brothers are on iOS

    • Pckid32

      Amen to Chaos Engine. Actually amen to ALL the Bitmap Brothers Stuff

  • Jaygeldhof

    Not to state the obvious, but this game will live or die based on the controls. Huge fan of Speedball 2 back in the day. Hope The Chaos Engine is next! Another classic.

    • blakespot

      I've got an ad hoc of the game and am really liking the tilt controls, and am surprised that I do.

      • Paul Pridham

        I can't wait for this. All I can say is o/

  • Mister Ed

    Pretty cool to see the Bitmap Brothers logo up there.

  • lyii

    i loved speedball 2 on my amiga.

    but i doubt the controls will be good enough, as with all these kinds of games...
    thats another reason why IOS games will allways be so limited to a casual experience.

  • Dave

    the game I played most on the amiga as a kid. Cant wait to get this.

  • Ddd

    I love speedball2 on amiga. but I won t put to much hope on this one.bitmap brother haven t released a good games in a decade.

    • Anonymous

      So ... because they haven't released any good games lately, you won't like a pretty faithful (yet upgraded) remake someone else did of one of their classic originals that was good? o.O

    • Deadchinesegiraffe

      The original "Z" also was a good game on the PC.

  • Blah

    Ice Cream! Ice Cream!

  • Dark_Messenger

    Please bring us chaos engine next time.

    • Flowermilk

      Yes. Chaos Engine.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Speedball 2 wasn't my favourite BB game, but it was still lots of fun, and it's fantastic to hear that more will be coming. Gods, Magic Pockets and Cadaver would be my picks for faves to come.

  • laosquid

    Fantastic game back in the day. Hope it plays well on iOS.

  • Flowermilk

    It doesn't look like Dan Malone was involved in the graphics. Looks like they poorly tried to match his style. I'll still pick it up for gameplay if the control scheme works.

    • LeeDot

      From the looks of it they're using the original art in a lot of places but it's been upscaled through Alien Skin's Blow Up, or Genuine Fractals along with a few pieces of new art here and there. It's a shame they didn't take the time to actually make new art for it.

    • danhero

      Could not agree more. These graphics look nowhere near as good as Dan's originals. 20 years man!....Shows it's not just about the technology. Oh, and Flower milk you're clearly not gonna be the girl in your avatar pic with knowledge of the graphic artist in a game this old. Come on?

    • danhero

      My apologies, saw it was a girl from your fantastic artwork. Lovely Stuff.

      • Flowermilk

        Ah ah no worries. It happens a lot. I'm not a hot girl, I just paint them 🙂 I had the chance to spend a few hours with Dan a couple years back. He is my all time favorite pixel artist so it was great. And he's as nice and humble as talented. And now I just got to work with my other idol Chris Huelesbeck on my new game Subsolar so I feel very lucky!

      • Deadchinesegiraffe

        hey it's sounds gooood :)) Any more informations about Subsolar ?

      • Flowermilk
  • Izzynobre

    Please bring back The Settlers. PLEASE.

    (Yeah yeah, Gameloft already did it. But theirs is a port of Settlers 3. I'm talking about good old Serf City)

  • Michael Lindsay

    Ahhh, the good old days. The Amiga 500. I had mine for several years before giving it up to buy a PC. My friend had a C64 for a few years before I bought the Amiga, and for a few years after. Some of the most memorable times in my life. Thankyou Bitmap for the memories.

    Gods, Magic Pockets and Cadaver would be my picks for faves to come too.


  • DotComCTO

    Speedball and Speedball 2 were so fun back then. I actually still have my original Amiga 500 (with an ICD AdSpeed overclock mod I installed), that works just fine! This is going to be a blast on iOS! Ice cream! Ice cream! Dang, I'm old!! 😀

  • Wtf

    Thanks for telling the rest of us what this game actually involves or how it plays. I was worried you were going to spend the entire post writing as if you were talking to a group of your friends circa 1985.


    NO WAY!!!

    YES WAY!!!

    • tits

      look it up on da internet dumbo. kids to today need their hands held through modern games. you could not handle this game son.

  • Dyscode

    I hope they put the Ambulance animation back in. They took that out in the CD32 version. Maybe they thought it was too brutal. 🙂

  • Erf


  • Moloch Horridus

    Just yesterday I installed an Amiga-emulator to my system and have been playing the classics, Speedball 2 among them of course, like crazy ever since.
    Let's hope they get the controls right! I have to admit I'm somewhat sceptical about non-tactical nature of touch interface for this kind of title.
    ...and bring us Chaos Engine for the iOS too!

  • Fovembr

    this game is ok.


    Please BitmapBrothers make a new Z Version for the MacApp Store and for iOS Stores!

  • Itcanbeagoodlife

    BITMAP BROTHERS - The day and hour you bring the screen gem, known as Xenon 2, to an iphone or ipad, is the day my life is complete. Go for it brothers.

    • Flowermilk

      Oh yes. Xenon 2 was just fantastic. And I remember how I was trying to mimic Mark Coleman's art!

      • Deadchinesegiraffe

        One of the nicest Amiga shooters ever, just played a few days ago on my still up and running A500+ system.

  • Comte zero

    Amiga's spirit coming on our iDevice... I love that.
    Can't wait also Battle Squadron!
    Please bring us also the demoscene :o)

  • Monte Boyd

    I would have preferred they just pixel double Dan Malone's original GFX but I'll reserve final judgement until playing on a device. It's too hard to judge retina graphics on a lower res monitor. If the playability is great these graphics should be passable.

    Shame they couldn't get Mr Malone on board to work on this though, he's one of my all time graphics heroes.

    And I'd like to add my support for bringing Chaos Engine, Magic Pockets, just about any Bitmap Bros classic to iOS!

    • Elwood89

      All of the Bitmap Brothers games (speedball 2, gods, chaos eng, cadaver) run great on iDos/ dospad on a 3gs. Controls are very good especially for the slower games, ok on sb2, not so good on xenon 2.