A few weeks ago, Bit Developers announced their newest iOS project called Bit Breaker. With so many brick breaking games released in the App Store over the past few years, there would have to be a pretty unique twist included in any new game for me to take notice. Bit Breaker appears to have such a twist. It’s a brick breaking game built around the idea of two players within the same play area, one at top and one at bottom, where the goal is to earn points by breaking bricks and outscore your opponent by the time all bricks are eliminated.

The way this works is by “claiming” a ball by bouncing it off of your paddle. All bricks that are then broken with your claimed ball will earn you points. You can also claim your opponents ball and have multiple balls working for you, and your opponent can do this to you as well. Also, instead of having a void behind the paddles where you lose a ball forever, each opponent has a wall they must protect. Hitting your opponent’s wall with your ball adds a multiplier to your score and subtracts one from theirs, and again this can work the other way against you as well.

It all sounds really clever, and as with many things it makes a lot more sense seeing it visually. Yesterday, Bit Developers released the below video that explains the gameplay fairly in-depth, though you can also check out this shorter trailer for Bit Breaker that shows how frantic the action can get:

There is currently no set release date or pricing information for Bit Breaker, though it seems to be coming along nicely based on the trailers. I’m also curious to know if it will have online multiplayer using something like Game Center, or if it will be local or same device only. This seems like the sort of game that is perfectly suited to same device iPad play, but as of right now it appears that Bit Breaker is only slated for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. The developers are posting about the game in our forums, so check there for the latest scoop on things, and we’ll be looking forward to checking out more of Bit Breaker in the future.

  • YoureAMessy

    Looks awesome.

  • drvic

    The game looks like a bad ripoff of Deathmatch mode from Atomic Ball HD (for iPad)


    • http://twitter.com/coolpowers Simon Windmill

      A little unfair.. Atomic Ball certainly isn't the first to add versus to brick breaking, the concept is essentially "Pong with bricks in the way" if you think about it. Bit Breaker looks to put its own spin on things, with the scoring mechanism especially.

  • Juole

    i just want the soundtrck

  • Adams Immersive

    I like the glassy look. I can’t tell just how the screen area is used, though.