‘Angry Birds’ To Be Advertised During Super Bowl

Sure, this is sort of a non-story, but I couldn’t help but do a double take when I initially read this. Remember the announcement of Angry Birds Rio a few days ago? Well, if you thought that was crazy, strap in for this: According to The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed by the Rovio Twitter account, Angry Birds will be making an appearance during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl as part of an advertisement for the upcoming movie Rio. The ad will even include a special code to unlock an additional level in the game.

It’s hard to imagine Angry Birds getting much bigger than this, but I’m sure it will. I’m also sure that many of you will roll your eyes and say to yourself, “Another story on Angry Birds?" Well, consider this- Like it or not, Angry Birds is getting tons of people in to iOS gaming. The larger the pool of gamers on iOS devices, the more developers will likely invest even more time and money in the platform. As mentioned earlier today, some are even developing major console titles with iOS in mind from the ground up.

All that’s left is guessing what’s next for Angry Birds? Well, Rovio could always take a hint from the Game Dev Story [$3.99 / Free] advertising menu and explore lunar writing. That might be bigger than the Super Bowl.