I really can't say enough good things about the Baseball Superstars series. They've been getting better and better over the years, and I've spent a ridiculous amount on the 2011 edition which now comes in two flavors. Baseball Superstars 2011 Pro [$4.99] and the new free Baseball Superstars 2011 [Free]. (There's also a Baseball Superstars 2011 Lite [Free], but I'm not sure what the point of downloading that is anymore.)

The great thing about Baseball Superstars, as I explained at length in our review is that it successfully scratches not one but two itches at once. If you like baseball and filling experience bars, this is the kind of game that you can get entirely too involved in as you spend hours training up the various members of your super player roster. You can even play online against other players' teams. It isn't real time, and you're basically just playing an AI controlled match using their stats, but it's still pretty cool.

So what's the catch of Baseball Superstars 2011 now that it's freemium? Well, in most of the Superstars games you could buy various upgrades using G-Points, an in-game currency of sorts you bought via IAP. Now, the "Pro" version comes loaded with 3,000 of 'em, and the freemium version you've got to buy any G-Points you want. Also, the new free version comes with a bit of in-game advertising. The good news is, using and buying G-Points is entirely optional, and if all you want to do is play some baseball, you can do it totally free now.

  • http://twitter.com/josh_hofer Josh Hofer

    Ugh, with this update they messed up the name of the app... now it doesn't display correctly under the icon, it says "Baseba...Pro" sigh, come on GAMEVIL! 🙁

    • KC

      How do they sleep at night?

  • Guy

    Can you get G Points by doing in-game challenges, like home run derby?

  • Ryan

    What about the iPad? It's still 4.99

  • dhuges098


    besides the G points whats the difference between the free one and the one you pay $4.99 for ?

  • Dhughes098

    Are they both full versions of the baseball super star 2011 ?

  • Bob

    i think they both are