Sure, this is sort of a non-story, but I couldn't help but do a double take when I initially read this. Remember the announcement of Angry Birds Rio a few days ago? Well, if you thought that was crazy, strap in for this: According to The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed by the Rovio Twitter account, Angry Birds will be making an appearance during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl as part of an advertisement for the upcoming movie Rio. The ad will even include a special code to unlock an additional level in the game.

It's hard to imagine Angry Birds getting much bigger than this, but I'm sure it will. I'm also sure that many of you will roll your eyes and say to yourself, "Another story on Angry Birds?" Well, consider this- Like it or not, Angry Birds is getting tons of people in to iOS gaming. The larger the pool of gamers on iOS devices, the more developers will likely invest even more time and money in the platform. As mentioned earlier today, some are even developing major console titles with iOS in mind from the ground up.

All that's left is guessing what's next for Angry Birds? Well, Rovio could always take a hint from the Game Dev Story [$3.99 / Free] advertising menu and explore lunar writing. That might be bigger than the Super Bowl.

  • JCGaga

    Honestly, I don't get this Angry Birds fad...I was more entertained by the gameplay, but couldn't care less about the presentation. Birds and green what?

    • hi

      yeah I know, it's like who would have thought we'd be sitting in front of some kind of machine all day 'communicating' with ppl we don't even know. Sounds odd. Lol jk, the thing crazy things become a fad. I mean.. Lady Gaga dude. A chick that dresses weird. (Not saying she's not awesome)

  • WhySoCurious

    Still not gonna buy the game.......

  • Juole

    sometimes this site just feels like a fanboy's blog. you're too obsessed with this damn franchise!

  • Danielo6969

    Where do you Put the code

  • Art Vandelay

    "Sure, this is sort of a non-story"

    You should have stopped right there.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      You should have stopped reading right there.

  • Jkaz

    christopher nolan is making angry birds the movie upon completion of his batman trilogy.

    • Gwet17


    • funkyflychicken

      Sad thing is, Christian Bale will still be in it, using the same gravelly voice he does for all his movies I guess he'll be the bomb bird? They just better let Gary Oldman be the king pig!

  • Paco

    Greediness at its best, good job Rovio. Not saying that a company shouldn't make profits but this is too much.
    Go indie devs!

  • Jsfullr

    Check out an NEW app ROVIO just released for the mac app store on

  • TeddyNYC

    I loved playing Angry Birds and look forward to the new levels. I even ordered a couple of plush toys (red bird and helmet pig). However, I think Rovio may be milking AB a little too much now with the Super Bowl appearance and movie tie-in.

    • funkyflychicken

      If they don't calm it down, overexposure will make people get REALLY sick of it (and fast). Like all fads, eventually people will tire of it, then look back and say, "WHAT?!?! MY HAIR LOOKED LIKE WHAT?!?!?".

      Instead of milking it so obviously this way, their efforts would have been better spent just getting a different type of game out there with the Angry Birds and Pigs (as Touch Arcade even mentioned, take a cue from mario perhaps?). Angry Birds Kart Racing, anyone? Now with special, "drop a bird turd on your opponent" powerup! Actually, I'd play

  • Guy

    I hope Angry Birds dies soon. Maybe the Rovio folks will be involved in a pedophilia scandal. A man can dream..

    • funkyflychicken

      Why would you want to dream about pedophilia?

      In all seriousness tho, that's a bit far... The game isn't THAT bad... it's a cheap time waster with a "cute hook". Same as 90 percent of the app store...I don't wish harm or ill on the developers even if I didn't like the game as much as it seems the masses do.

  • Congrats

    I want to congratulate ROVIO on it's amazing success! It's great to see a developer with a fantastic game have this much acclaim and notoriety from a casual iOS game. This kind of achievement and success can only help shed a positive light to other developers out there who might be interested in developing for iOS. In the end we all win with even more games/apps.

    I don't fault ROVIO at all for trying to capitalize on it's new IP. ROVIO is in business to make great quality titles and in the process reap financial rewards. Wishing ill will or heaping negative criticism on them for their success is juvenile and makes absolutely no sense. We all have a desire to succeed and no one would appreciate criticism from anyone for their own personal success.

    Good luck to ROVIO and much continued success.

  • EastsideStompers

    I can see AB being an excellent cartoon series in the vein of Tom and Jerry or the Roadrunner. I do hope they don't give them voices in the movie. In any case, I wish ROVIO, as stated very well in the post above, much continued success.

  • Anonymous

    I'm one of the few people who didn't buy into the Angry Birds phenomenon

  • Craig Colthorp

    Good for them! Great for a game that spread like wildfire, based purely on word of mouth.

    I was proudly the 7th person to review version 1.0 back in Dec '09

  • Juole

    ive come to the conclusion that this site's bigger reviews and rankings are bought by the companies.