Last Thursday at Macworld 2011 I stopped by the booth for XMG Studio and had a chance to check out their latest game that should be releasing very soon. XMG is responsible for some incredibly popular titles on the App Store, like Drag Racer [$2.99/Free/HD], Little Metal Ball [$2.99/Free/HD], Cannon Cadets [99¢/Free], and most recently Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash [99¢/HD].

Their upcoming title is called Cows Vs. Aliens, and after spending some time playing it I think it has the potential to be another popular addition to their library. Cows Vs. Aliens is a casual title built on a super simple game mechanic. Waves of cows will spawn from the bottom of the screen, and it’s your goal to herd them into the barn entrance at the top of the screen. Aliens will begin to show up in the herd, and you must scoot them off to the sides of the screen before they have a chance to get in your barn, in which case it’s game over.

What makes Cows Vs. Aliens so fun to play is the interesting controls. Touching the screen creates a circular barrier of sorts, and you’ll use your two thumbs to pinch and push the herd towards the barn. You can even use up to 5 points of multitouch on the iPhone (up to 11 on the iPad) to try and utilize different strategies for better results. The waves increase in size as you progress, with both more cows and more aliens providing a greater challenge as the game goes on.

Cows Vs. Aliens is one of those games that is really easy for anyone to play, but offers a real challenge when going for higher scores. Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements adds to that allure. Cows Vs. Aliens should be submitted in the next few days, if not already, so be on the lookout for it soon. XMG also has roughly 6 new titles slated for the rest of the year, including some that utilize interesting licensed IP, so we’ll be bringing you more information on these upcoming titles as it becomes available.

  • Anonymous

    Some reason I read the title as Cowboys & Aliens. A game based on that movie would be interesting.