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Macworld 2011 – Upcoming Puzzle Game ‘Look Again’ from Smappsoft

Another game I checked out at Macworld this year is the upcoming Look Again from developer Smappsoft, who have previously brought Chinese 13 Card Poker [$4.99] to the App Store, along with various other non-game apps. Look Again is actually a very clever idea for a game. The basic premise is that there are 12 designs bordering the screen and one image made up of 3 overlapped designs in the middle. The goal is to choose which of the 3 outside designs comprise the main image.

It’s a simple idea but one I haven’t seen used before. This video explains the gameplay in Look Again really well:

Smappsoft is hoping to have Look Again available within the next month. The core gameplay is complete, and they are just tweaking things like difficulty and the final amount of levels. Initially they are expecting to have at least 100 levels, and can change around the difficulty by having the center image comprised from 2-5 images or having the outer row of images do things like rotate, flip, and disappear. Game Center will be integrated as well for tracking achievements and high scores.

We’ll take a closer look at Look Again when it becomes available sometime in the next month or so.