In-game achievements are a super way for developers to add play incentive to games, and are something Microsoft got right early on with Xbox Live. Happily, thanks to the likes of OpenFeint, Plus+, and Apple's own Game Center, iOS gamers have been racking up achievements for some time now. And, while we've seen achievements land in titles outside of the Games category -- in Education, for example -- we were intrigued to hear of a new Photography app that boasts achievements for in-depth usage.

Kotaku recently took a look at noted photographer Tray Ratcliff's release of 100 Cameras in 1 [App Store], a new photography app that hands out Game Center achievements in an effort to get people to take more photos, and to have fun with them.

"I think it is fun to have some sort of comparative measurement of your experience with the app," he said. "The more you use it, the more achievements and points you get. We also use the achievements to encourage you to discover all the features of the app that you might not otherwise see.

"I think it's fascinating how achievements are both completely unnecessary but really satisfying! Also, there's something about being rewarded when you were not really expecting it. It's like a small Swiss child running up to you in the street and offering you a piece of chocolate, just for being an awesome dude."

100 Cameras in 1 features an impressive 31 different pieces of chocolate to be doled out by the small virtual Swiss children that are the app's integrated achievement system. Taking certain paths through the app or using a certain set of filters triggers the various achievements, which are as interestingly named as the 100 different visual filters that the app places at the user's disposal. Thanks to its ability to combine multiple filters, some rather interesting effects can be rather easily achieved.

With 100 Cameras in 1, Ratcliff wanted to deliver a faster and cleaner picture taking experience, with more flexibility than the alternatives. Having run through the app fairly extensively (grabbing achievements along the way), I feel that he's pretty much met his goals here, and perhaps most impressively on the speed front; despite the complex filter systems, moving through the app and getting to the end product is smooth and super fast.

I like what Ratcliff and developers Lavacado have done here, both for the creative, outside-the-box use of achievements as well as for delivering a solid, artistic photo application. I'm anxious to see what other non-game areas are well met by the use of achievements. Chase Bank, Wells Fargo -- an in-app check deposit seems well worth an achievement, eh??

  • E_Domina

    nice princess leia!

  • Galley

    That's rather brilliant!

  • Dsadas

    I don't get what the half naked figurine has to do with the app, but ok.

    • Anonymous

      I'm guessing to show off the effects? In order; grain, dream/soften, speed?
      Was wondering myself until you asked and I looked. There's a TouchArcade page open in the background, so obviously is the reviewer trying out the app.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    this is plain awesomeness!! and i thought was my new addiction...

  • Lamshade37

    toucharcade just lost some of my respect...

  • Anonymous

    Umm... Half-nude pictures have what to do with anything?

    • Anonymous

      They have everything to do with everything

  • blakespot

    The three photos in the article are some quick shots of a desk figurine of mine, to show some of the effects... I thought that was obvious. Apologies if not.

    • Johno

      Don't worry it was obvious. Most of these people are just mindless drones.

      • Mark

        I know that anyone that disagrees with me is a "mindless drone," how could it be any other way? I pretty much only read things I already agree with, listen to radio programs that tell me what I want to hear and take in commentary that sounds like something that I could have written. I really feel good about myself!

  • Anonymous

    Guys, stick to games please.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Achievements are the most annoying aspect of modern gaming.

    Why can't we just play for the enjoyment of it, or good old-fashioned high scores?

    Are people little rodents on treadmills that need to be rewarded with another meaningless little carrot every 5 minutes to keep playing the game? If so, then the game stinks to begin with.

    • famousmortimer

      Why do you care what other people find enjoyment in? If you don't like achievements don't pay attention to them. Problem solved.

      • zachawry

        Well, it's not like I spend all day obsessing about those darned achievements. 🙂

        It did seem like an okay sentiment to express in a post directly about achievements, especially because I would like developers to know that at least some people think they detract from gameplay, not add to it.

        (Just yesterday I got some "achievement" for finishing the tutorial. How inane is that? I'm supposed to let all my friends know via Facebook and Twitter that I finished a game tutorial? Like you said, everybody likes different things, but people who feel the need to let everyone in their social group know they finished a tutorial are a wee bit pathetic.)

      • Abisco

        Well on xbox live I use achievements to see how far my friends are in the game... It makes it easier for us. Also It is quite rewarding to achieve something, even if it is something as intangible as points. Though You are allowed your opinion of course, and I see where you are coming from.

    • Anonymous

      Isn't getting on a high score table technically an 'achievement'? The current unlockables are merely an evolution of the idea.

  • Jameswhip32

    Awesome - super-awesome

    It's a great app - camera alone.

    But the achievements add something a little-bit-nice too! Good find Toucharcade!

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      i wouldn't have noticed this app if it weren't here on toucharcade. thanks for the heads up!

  • Da_Master

    Achievement Unlocked - Take a picture of a pair of boobs (10 point)

  • andrzej raczynski

    Personally i've always found the damn popups/notifications/signins nothing but annoying as well, equivalent to a stupid commercial popup in a web site.

    i wish apple had a setting to just disable all that no matter what the app prefers, so i never have to see the junk.

  • andrzej raczynski

    ...err, hell, not well..

  • Anonymous

    Hell no, please.