Today Gameloft revealed another upcoming game via their YouTube channel. Not much is known yet about Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard other than it's a tactical FPS, but that much was safe to assume given the rest of the Rainbow Six series. The original Rainbow Six game was released all the way back in 1998 and has since spawned tons of sequels all generally revolving around rescuing hostages, thwarting terrorists, and doing other special operations kind of things. Shadow Vanguard will likely feature similar gameplay, and controls similar to that of other Gameloft FPS games.

Check out the teaser trailer starring faux newscaster Ross Halpert, which is both surprisingly corny and curiously devoid of any actual gameplay footage:

No further details have been announced. Although, historically looking at how Gameloft operates, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will likely be available in the next few weeks for somewhere in between $4.99 and $6.99. I've enjoyed Rainbow Six games on consoles in the past, and am anxious to see how the series translates to iOS devices.

  • Trogador

    Cringeworthy. ._.

  • Charles Albert

    YAY! At last! It would be nice to have some gameplay like the R6:Vegas/Vegas 2. Best R6 gameplay EVER!

    • Hampus

      Would be great if the added something like the terrorist hunt mode.
      Really missed convictions bonus mode in the iOS version.

  • Eric_l_myers

    Please, Please, Please... Don't be a first person shooter... The first game released in the Rainbow Six series was a strategy based game more than a shooter. Where plans of a building with locations of hostages and terrorist were provided. The game was about planning a path for the operatives to take with timed commands. Then impalement that plan in first person with the ability to improvise during the heat of battle. A strategy style game would be prefect for the iPhone or iPad. A small screen shooter would just be another generic cookie cutter game that anyone can make for the Call of Duty zombies. Do something original with the series. Use these devices strengths when programming.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. It's gameloft. It will be a shooter.

    • jefftron

      You're asking Gameloft to do something original?

      This game was probably conceived as yet another terrorist whack a mole shooter and had the Rainbow Six name slapped on it at the last minute.

      • Eric_l_myers

        I read the Rainbow Six book in college when it was released. Well before a game was made. Now, I’m a structure engineer that dreams for what could be when looking at a title like this to be released. This is a game series that can be revived with of opportunities for great rewards to the company that does it right. Reap the rewards from the revival of what was the Tom Clancy’s series.

  • P45

    If it's anything like Rainbow Six on N-gage i'm in.

    • Damatha Studios

      never played that game on n-gage! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    It is no coincidence that all TC games have gotten worse over time. It is directly related to Clancy selling his name to Ubi for future titles in which he has no input in whatsoever.

    Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon have gotten more casual with each revision. I wouldn't be surprised if we got some kind of Tetris or Solitaire-like R6 at the rate they're going.

    Vegas was abysmally casual for an R6. Little thought involved even on the hardest difficulties. Pretty much sums up the change in gaming audience from back in the late 90s.

    • LBG

      Six Vegas 2 was pretty good in my opinion. With the hardest difficulty it's much easier to die than other FPS games. Using cover is vital to your survival and there are still plenty of strategic elements such as ordering your team mates around, getting them to clear rooms, flank enemies, revive each other etc.

      Although I do miss the parts from the old games such as the pre-mission briefing, team/weapon/gear selection which allowed you to choose your team mates and change their loadouts. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear was the best of the series IMO.

  • raawwrr

    I see gameloft still hasn't hired good actors, eh?

  • Anonymous

    As always they will make cheesy game that lacks of polish and realism. If they make this game with real guns normal voice actors not 20 bullets to kill some enemy I may buy it.

  • Hampus

    "Although, historically looking at how Gameloft operates, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will likely be available in the next few weeks "

    So how about that RTS the announced? Haven't heard anything more about it...

  • NutKracker

    FFS!!! stop knocking R6 ... they have been plenty of fun and killed many hours for millions of people... Yes we can all ask or want things changed to suit our own skill levels... but it wouldnt be R6 ***Keep R6 as it is*** and if you dont feel the same then ^^^try writing your own game^^^ I for one will be waiting to judge your very own version.... maybe you could call it R7

  • Alfiemehson

    so excited, but yeh, cringe

  • BOb

    Im waiting for a real RB6 follow-up to Vegas 2, not a phone game.