Trendy Entertainment’s ambitious hack-and-slash RPG Dungeon Defenders: First Wave [$.99] has gone 2.0 via a new update. The game now includes a new “Chase Camera,” GameSpy support for cross-platform play, and a new tutorial that tells you all you need to know about the game in “only a minute," instead of the old 10 or so.

Of course, there’s more, especially in the content realm. Trendy tells us that its added a 15 more levels to the cap, bringing it to a startling 70. It has also added new items, and a new challenge and campaign level for leveled-up heroes.

As for fixes, yeah, there are a lot of those in this update, too. Foremost, Trendy believes it has successfully squashed Game Center crash bugs and stabilized voice chat. Also, it’s tweaked item drops and values, thus making it harder to obtain hardcore drops and adding restrictions based on quality. And as if that wasn’t enough, look forward to some performance boosts and “minor bug fixes” game wide.

Now, you probably already know I wasn’t a huge fan of Dungeon Defenders. Even with these updates, I still feel like it’s a console game available for the iOS, but Trendy did tell us that UI improvements might be coming down the pipe, which, if good enough, could certainly make the game play like a real mobile title. Our collective fingers are crossed on this one because, despite its UI and control issues, Dungeon Defenders manages to be a deep and rewarding joint filled with a lot of cool functionality. With a good, streamlined UI it could be plain baller.

Just a small note here: Dungeon Defenders is .99 cents until tomorrow, Jan. 19. After this date, the game will be sold for the usual $4.99.

  • Bob

    they "might" be coming down the pipe? That's a bit non-comittal, even if they were trying to blatantly tease!

  • Adams Immersive

    As a defense fan in all its forms, for the cost of an upgrade from French Fries to Seasoned Fries, I have to get this!

    I have hopes that when I get an iPad, the larger screen (and the new camera, and whatever else evolves) may help with the UI sprawl.

    (P.S. According to AppShopper, the regular price has been $2.99.)

  • Jason Flor Flook

    Another thing. I am JB on 4.1 and can now download it.

  • David

    forget that, the game doesn't start on ipod touch4 4.2.1

  • LittleJob

    works on my touch...both 4th gens. jailbroken, and non-jailbroken.

  • Anonymous

    Probably going to throw caution to the wind and buy this for 99 cents, but the reviews on iTunes, for this version, aren't encouraging.

  • Jason

    Anyone else having an issue after updating with the soon as I hit the main menu the resolution goes to crap and you cant even read anything. The cut scenes are fine but everything else is really poor.

    • Anonymous

      There's a graphics scale slider in the options.

    • Ezequiel2517

      Same problem with me... WTF... going to delete it and ask for my money back...

      • Ezequiel Baum

        And keeps crashing too...

  • Jason

    Thanks! I couldnt read the menu so I had to guess which one it was 🙂

  • Justdoingmythiiiin

    Fire this guy for using the word baller, jesus.

    • Brad Nicholson

      Yo, I'm justdoingmythiiing.

  • GiHubb

    The game doesn't run on my iPhone 4. It exits after the intro video. That was a $1 well spent... Is there a way to get a refund??

  • parranoya

    now works on 3.2!

  • Vmonje

    Don't work on iPad 4.2





  • Guest

    Also doesn't work with 3rd gen Ipod touch 4.2.1

  • Tonyp1776

    It is broke with iOS 4.1 (iPhone 4)... Should work with 4.0 and 4.2+. I have 4.1 because of JB, when I saw it for .99 I bought it right away and it didn't work. However, if you are jailbroken and on 4.1 you can trick the game into thinking your OS is 4.0 and get it to work.
    The trick is to open iFile and goto /system/library/coreservices and open systemversion.plist, find the 4.1 line and change the 4.1 to 4.0. Restart your device and it should work fine. I should mention that this *could* cause issues with other apps, but I have yet to run into any issues, and if it does, the file is easy to change back.

  • Mike

    Just bought the game and it keeps crashing.. I can't even pass the logo/video thingie.. 🙁

  • Yorky

    I can play it, but it still frequently crashes... I'm also surprised that the game has been removed from the app store...