Ahoy, Catan [$4.99 / HD] for iPod Touch and iPhone owners! Man the poop decks, tow in the anchor, and put on your eye-patch. Catan has just went 2.0 with the “Seafarers Expansion,” an in-game download that adds two new Catan variants and 16 new scenarios within a new, sea-themed campaign. The price? $3.99.

That name should sound familiar to board game enthusiasts. To get specific, the Seafarers expansion adds ships, which are basically over-water roads.  Hilariously, pirates -- another new concept in this expansion -- can steal from these ships. Gold rivers (which give you a mineral of your own choice per adjacent city) and extra victory point tiles are also part of the package.

Other than the whole "new content" thing, the coolest part of this expansion is that you can test it out without ponying up the dough -- USM has also released a “Lite” version of which includes “The 4 Islands” scenario (of the sixteen) and the two additional game variants.

This delicious game of Catan is brought to us by Deviant Art user Luluriel!

We weren’t too crazy about Catan back when it was released, but this kind of support is always awesome -- especially for the people who really love the game being targeted for extra content drops. Hopefully, this’ll give the Carcassonne [$9.99] team a little bit jumpstart. I am more than eager to get my ‘sonne on with some Rivers content or something.

  • Anonymous

    That game looks delicious!

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I ate all my roads.

      • http://twitter.com/nicholsonb Brad Nicholson

        Oddly, I really want those pickles. DIBS.

  • Kevlar

    I would buy catan in an instant if it had online multiplayer. This and many other multiplayer games are losing a sale because they have local multiplayer only.

    • the dude

      Some games are easy to port to multiplayer given that the other player doesn't do anything while you make a move. Catan however involves lots of trading. How would you implement this in an environment where people sometimes have to take calls?

      I can see why it hasn't come yet.

  • Anonymous

    This game looks like a parody knock-off.

    They need to ditch this developer and ask the people who made Carcassonne to build Catan from the ground up.


    Similar gameplay, a MILLION times better implementation.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's the official version of the game, and sadly seems to be a little too much of a direct port from the J2ME game. :

      I agree completely though.

  • WhatNoiPad

    No 2.0 update for the iPad version?!? Brilliant.

  • DavidLam2289

    The devs for this game suck. The UI looks horrible and they still haven't added fast app switching and other things.

  • http://www.davidmiles.us DMiles

    Wow! So many negative comments about a great game! I've loved this game since it came out and the expansion is a lot of fun. The new campaign mode is great too, adds a little story to the game..