Highborn is an excellent turn-based strategy game from Jet Set Games with colorful graphics, humorous characters, and engaging strategic gameplay. The game boasts a nice asynchronous online multiplayer mode using OpenFeint, but also contains a satisfying 9 level single-player campaign mode. The developers have hinted at a forthcoming Chapter 2 extension to this campaign for a while, and today Highborn [99¢/Lite] and Highborn HD [$2.99/Lite] were updated to include this long-awaited addition.

Chapter 2 can be unlocked through a 99¢ in-app purchase (or $1.99 on iPad) and contains 8 brand new missions with new enemies, allies, and structure types. This doubles the size of the original game, if you don't take into account the tutorial level. Also included in this update is another long awaited feature, shake to undo, as well as an assortment of other nifty improvements. Units now display their available attack radius when moving, monoliths display what spells they hold and a cool-down timer in between uses, and there's now a screen following a mission that displays various statistics about your battles.

The developers also note that the 3D character models from in-game battle sequences have also been improved, though this doesn't make much of a difference if you're an owner of a Retina Display device. Highborn is not optimized for these high density screens, so most of the graphics and text have a jagged or blurry look. This is literally the only complaint I could lob at the game, and quite honestly it is totally forgivable in the face of such enjoyable gameplay. Retina Display support in the future would be icing on the cake, but the developers have stated this will most likely have to wait for the sequel.

You can check out our original review of Highborn or the thread in our forums for more information on the game, and if you already own either version make sure to grab this new update and give Chapter 2 a spin.

  • Bobby

    I really enjoyed this game - lots of charm, humor, and personality - but the difficulty curve was all out of whack. The early missions were way too easy, towards the end for a mission or two the difficulty was about right, and then the last mission was completely impossible.

    Can I even play "chapter 2" if I couldn't complete the last mission of chapter 1??? Probably doesn't matter, I think I deleted it (and my savegames) from my phone so I'd have to start over anyhow.

  • E_Domina

    Since you mention retina display, that reminds me of puzzle agent. the graphics were absolutely terrible and blurry on my 2g device. i wondered how bad it would've been on the iphone 4

    • Alan Smithee

      E_Domina, if you gave up on Puzzle Agent before finishing the game, you might like to go back and give it a second chance. I'm sure I read somewhere that whatever was responsible for the horrible graphical quality of the iOS versions of the game was corrected in an update.

  • Dave

    I just played it for the first time and completely annoyed by the fact there is no undo move button. after reading the developers statement saying you would see where people are in the forest if there was an undo. The way it should work is when you hit hold position in the end, then whatever is in the forest is revealed. Therefore you can't attack or move that turn again but you can see them. Its been done to perfection in Advanced Wars for the Nintendo GBA and DS.

    That is the only flaw I see in a very tight game.

  • Kcruhi

    The last mission is very hard, but I have beaten it a couple times. You want to split your group in half and take the towers on the right and left. Then bring the groups together near a set of towers to form one big group and begin to circle the map taking everything. That's how I did it anyways. Easily one of my favorite games on the iPhone, and I can't wait to play Chapter 2.

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