As was pointed out in our forums over the weekend, it looks as though the upcoming first-person shooter Warm Gun from indie developer Emotional Robots could be making it's way to iOS sometime this year. Warm Gun is set in a futuristic Wild West setting that looks something like Fallout 3 meets the Red Dead Redemption. Apparently the project has origins dating all the way back to 2007, with the game really taking shape in late 2009 and throughout 2010. The game is powered by Unreal Engine technology, and appears to be a multiplayer only affair.

The developer has been keeping a progress log over at the IndieDB website that contains news, screenshots, and videos of work-in-progress versions of Warm Gun. It also states there that the game is coming to PC, iPhone, and iPad. This is a gameplay video shot in November of last year and is presumably from the PC version of the game, but it gives you a great idea of what the gameplay is like in Warm Gun:

While there doesn't seem to be much information regarding an iOS release or any footage of Warm Gun running on iOS devices, it doesn't seem too far a stretch that we could indeed see an App Store release of the game given the inclusion of iOS support in the most recent release of the Unreal Development Kit. We've already seen the Unreal Engine in action on iOS with Epic Citadel [Free], Infinity Blade [$5.99], and Dungeon Defenders: First Wave [$2.99]. Still, with a small development studio likely working on a shoestring budget, I take them listing the iPhone and iPad as intended platforms with a tiny grain of salt for now.

You can follow along with the upcoming thread in our forums for discussion of the game, and we'll bring you any further news on Warm Gun for iOS as soon as we get it.


    looks awesome! another must have FPS title

  • Guest

    Damn, I thought that was the iOS version.

  • Anonymous

    So wait ios version will be with unreal tech? I think no... Just too mutch every thing in this game to handle the ios...

  • Halion

    I'm curious to what you base this on. Is there any indication from the developer that the game is planned to come to the iOS platform, or do you base this solely on the fact that there is an Unreal development kit for the iPhone?

    • Jared Nelson

      From above:

      "It also states there that the game is coming to PC, iPhone, and iPad."

  • Tcrowns

    Looks good but the walking and fighting animations look rough. Has a Lead vs Dead vibe but not as refined.

  • Michael A. Robson

    "Happiness.... is a warm gunnnnn" ...

    What a cool name for a FPS ha


    Looks good. It will be interesting to see how well it ports to the iPhone. I got excited when i saw the video at first because I thought it was iPhone footage. From my experience, unless the unreal engine is magical the tesxtures, maps and effects will have to come down

    Brian Wane
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  • Hammerguy

    It looks like Darkwatch

  • Emotional Robots

    Hey thanks for the highlight! We are indeed porting Warm Gun to the iPad/iPhone/iTouch devices, and the video is indeed PC footage. Once we have iOS footage we will showcase it. The biggest drawback in porting to mobile is the file size, but so far we've been able to achieve the same atmosphere you see in that PC video with one of our maps. Our main concern, as with most other mobile games, is screen real estate and how we can adapt our interface to maintain a true FPS identity while not limiting gameplay.

  • Mike

    Bleeding Cowboy font is pretty despicable though. It's the alternative Papyrus.

    • Emotional Robots

      Yes that's our 2008 logo. Our newer logo is much nicer (and more unique) - not sure why the old one is up there.

      • Mike

        Sounds good to me, Mr. Robots!

  • Mr. Reeee

    The demo video needs more irritating music.

    The game looks pretty good.

  • Cinepod

    Awesome trailer soundtrack, who is the artist?

  • Charles Albert

    Am I mistaken or did I smelled a little Team Fortress 2 there? Looking forward for more info about it!

  • Jynxinator

    According to moddb, the site where the developers post all of their news, the game is coming out July 1. Not sure if this means pc or ios, but heres the website if you want to check it out.