Unreal Development Kit Now Supports iOS, Jazz Jackrabbit Returns In A Tutorial

Epic Games has released another build of its acclaimed Unreal Engine Development Kit and the reason why we’re informing you is because this specific beta has iOS support built-in. Yes, the tech that powered Epic Citadel [Free] and Infinity Blade [$5.99] is now available to us plebs and game developers alike via this official portal.

We’re not tech magicians or cybernetic voodoo priests, so we aren’t going to be coding an iOS game or two in the near future, however, you can if you’d like with this specific release, provided it’s a non-commercial or educational product. (If you’d like to license it for commercial use, the legal mumbo jumbo of the stuff is available here).

For most of you this probably means nothing. But what if I said there’s some cool and fun stuff tucked into this build? Oh, are you a bit more interested? Great, let me share this with you real fast: in addition to adding content streaming functionality and advanced lighting and shadowing junk, this build of UDK iOS offers users the full source and content of Epic Citadel AND an extra castle.

Also, there’s a neat proof of concept iOS dual-stick shooter in this build starring Jazz Jackrabbit. Jazz was the star of the PC classic Jazz Jackrabbit, which was originally created by Epic Games in 1994. He hasn’t been seen since 2002… until today!

And just so we’re clear, we’re about 99.9 percent sure this doesn’t mean a new Jazz game is happening. It’s just, again, a neat little addition to a very important release by Epic Games.

[via Kotaku]