Last October we took a brief look at Pocket RPG, the upcoming title being developed by Tasty Poison Games and published by Crescent Moon Games. Pocket RPG is a dual-stick dungeon crawler with a focus on shorter play sessions and randomized games. There are 3 different character classes to play as, each with upgradeable items and abilities, and there will be a ton of loot to collect in the game.

Tasty Poison has been hinting at having a gameplay video for months, and at long last they have given TouchArcade an exclusive first look at Pocket RPG in action. This video shows each of the character classes in the game – the Dark Ranger who can fire projectiles, the Blade Master who is melee-focused, and the Battle Mage who wields magical abilities.

And here are a couple of screenshots from the game that have been posted in our forums over the past month or so:

Pocket RPG is looking gorgeous so far, and I'm really excited to check it out. Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon are shooting to have the game out in February on the iPad, with a universal update planned that will make it compatible with 4th generation devices. After this, they hope to optimize the game for older devices if possible, but are focused on playing to the strengths of newer devices for the initial release.

There's an upcoming thread in our forums where members are discussing the game and the developers are popping in with additional bits of information as well. We're anxious to get our hands on the game, and we'll bring you more of Pocket RPG as it gets closer to release, hopefully next month.

  • Adjudicator52

    Really looking forward to this 🙂

  • Evanz111

    Why's it called 'Pocket RPG' if it can't even fit on your Pocket? xD

  • Chris K

    Darn, this sounds like fun, but I hate virtual sticks. My finger gets "decentered" making this method of control imprecise, and after playing for a while, my fingers sore as well. I even managed to get tendonitis in my thumbs thanks to iPhone gaming like this.

    Sadly, I'll have to pass. I hope more games like this are made with a different control mechanism.

    • Evan Greenwood

      We plan on making the game universal soon after the iPad release. I'll see if I can program in another control method (I'm not a fan of D-Pad's either).

    • Evan Greenwood

      We plan on making the game universal soon after the iPad release. I'll see if I can program in another control method (I'm not a fan of D-Pad's either).

    • Anonymous

      You really pass up games because they have virtual sticks? You are missing a ton of awesome games...

  • Gavin Hayler

    This looks awesome! Can't wait 🙂

  • Anonymous

    An action RPG with no skills but instead button mashing?

  • Overzero3

    man, this is the game i've beeing waiting for on the iOS, since most of the roguelikes out there are way too "classic" (as in, too much hardcore for a mobile game)
    Too bad it wont work on my iTouch 2g! =/
    Still looking forward to it...although i gotta say that i am kind of disappointed by the fact that the game is actually a dual-stick game! I was expecting something more like Dungeon Hunter, only random...

  • Zandog

    Wheres all the loot and abilities? Where's the MMO? I'll stick with Pocket Legends.

  • Fgghj

    Why is it 'pocket' if it won't fit in your pocket??

  • Anonymous

    Looks very nice, but so many of today's so called RPGs seem like top down beat-em-ups which happen to have characters that can level up. These types of frantic non-stop slash-fests seem to be geared toward a younger crowd. Nothing wrong with that of course, just an observation. Still, looks good if you like the Gauntlet route.

  • Wortek

    It doesn't deserve to be called RPG. Nice graphics and seems nice gameplay, but definitely not RPG.

    • meow

      Well, this days everything with fantasy graphics is called an RPG, so by 2011 standards, even a button-masher with no story whatsoever may be called so.

  • firstborn

    It's neither an RPG or fits in your pocket... bizarre

  • Sexylando

    Hmm... "Not RPG??"

    1. Leveling up. Check.
    2. Inventory and loot/resource management. Check.
    3. Fantasy setting. Check.
    4. Different classes that have different combat styles. Check.
    5. Numbers pop up when you hit enemies. Check.

    Sounds like an RPG to me.
    If this isn't an RPG, then Fallout 3, Final Fantasy, Torchlight and Diablo 3 aren't RPG's either.

    • Anonymous

      It's a lot more like Minigore+ to be honest. You mind as well call iDracula an RPG since you can get inventory loot (weapons), level up / special abilities (perks).

  • Wingkeeho

    Does it have local bluetooth or wifi multiplayer you think?

  • Wa-{s}-de

    This game looks really fun, and I can't wait to play it. Gfx and style are great, the battle system looks promising, and I love the concept of randomised levels which gives the game replayability. I also like the fresh direction of equipping new items to change your abilities. All in all, this looks like a great buy for the quality we're getting. Good job Tasty Poison - keep it up.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    So, like many good Roguelikes, will there be a scoreboard for at least locale score tracking?

    • Steve

      Local and Game Center will be available with achievements and unlockables.

  • ChrisC

    Pocket RPG? Don't you mean Gauntlet Legends? JK I am all for a Gauntlet Legends remake.

  • Schaumburg Personal Trainer

    The time has come to return to Liberty City,
    and a hell of a lot has changed since you last visited.