Children of the 80s arcade era get ready, the classic laserdisc arcade game Road Blaster [99¢] has hit the App Store. Developer Revolutionary Concepts, who have experience bringing classic arcade titles to iOS with the likes of Cobra Command [$1.99] and Karate Champ [$1.99/Lite/HD], have given this iteration of Road Blaster a shiny new makeover from its 1985 arcade counterpart. It features remastered FMV sequences that are optimized for Retina Displays, a choice of two different redrawn in-game dashboard consoles, a new soundtrack and plenty of new sound effects, and optimizations over the original.

Road Blaster follows a campy story of revenge (not totally unlike many action movies from the 80s) where you are out to get justice against an evil biker gang who murdered your wife. You'll hop into your modified sports car and go after these heartless thugs across 9 different levels, with the option of 3 difficulty settings. Operate your vehicle using a virtual steering wheel or the brand new tilt controls. Here's a video showing Road Blaster being played on an iPhone:

An iPad version of Road Blaster is also in the works, although a firm release date hasn't been set yet. Owners of older devices should know that the developers have optimized the game to run well across all models of iPhone and iPod touch. Also, Game Center is integrated for leaderboard and achievement tracking. As a special promotion, Road Blaster is launching at just 99¢ for the first week. Impressions are rolling into our forums, and we'll take a closer look at this title after we've had a chance to pump some quarters into it.

  • rongwrong

    I remember Road Blasters but I don't remember this. It seems to be a cartoon laserdisc version of the same.

    • Jared Nelson

      There is "Roadblasters" from Atari, then Road Blaster (or Road Avenger) from Data East, which is what this game is.

  • chris

    yes, love this game on my mame cab... off to buy now!

  • Matt EM

    Wow! i had this on my Mega CD back in the days. Classic!
    To bad there is no iPad version.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool but how long is it?

  • Cat Astrophy

    This is the REAL RoadBlasters

  • Don04091975

    Awww.....where is the music from the Sega CD version? It was way better!!!!

    • Jared Nelson

      Apparently the Japanese band that did the music broke up long ago and it proved pretty much impossible to get the rights to the original soundtrack.

  • Anonymous

    Eh, I miss the Sega CD intro music as well. I don't like having to move that tiny steering wheel as well. You get 2 in car views which you can choose in the options menu. I like style B better (Simple layout). I just wish there was an option just to tap the left or right side of the screen for movements.

    A steal for 99cents, buy it!

  • Fuckyou

    Wow, the guy demoing is really skilled, you can tell he plays iOS games all the time

  • Cobrien London

    What we really need is Cliff Hanger.

  • VeryDissappointed

    The controls on this game are HORRIBLE. Its almost a gimmick - its not a real driving simulation at all - its like a cartoon thats being played out and transitions into different clips. Horrible horrible controls.

    • Anonymous

      You must not be familiar with Cobra Command which was mentioned in the review otherwise you would know that it's a click on command type of game.

      I don't ever recall this game claiming to be a driving sim. You must have downloaded the wrong game. I'm VeryDissapointed in you.

    • TKO

      Yup, this is the way laser-disc games typically are. It plays a video-track, and you occasionally move or fire to switch to another video track. Laser-disc stuff was always high on the visuals, low on the interactivity. {shrugs} There was an undeniable charm to the genre though. Space Ace was my poison.