Freebie Friday: ‘Geared 2’ – Seriously, Download This Game

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Looking for something to spend your weekend doing? How about playing Geared 2 [Free] for the low, low price of free. Much like It’s Just a Thought, Geared 2 was crushed under the might of the EA holiday sale.Geared 2 obviously is the sequel to Geared [99¢ / Lite / HD], a gear-grinding puzzle game which has enjoyed millions of downloads during its life on the App Store. I explained what makes Geared 2 awesome in our review:

Each level is composed of a set of gears, one yellow gear and one (or more) blue gear(s). Utilizing gears of different shapes and sizes, you must connect the two so everything spins. Neither Geared or Geared 2 have any kind of grid the gears snap to, which allows you to place the gears anywhere you want inside of the game.

The challenge comes from the limited set of gears available for each level, in addition to obstacles in each level such as crossed off areas where gears can’t be placed but the can be dropped in to. While it all might sound fairly easy, it won’t take long until you’re flat out stumped on a level, and are left sitting there desperately trying to figure out how in the world to position the two gears you’re given with the five you have to spin. Thankfully, the Geared games allow you to skip forward a few levels in the event that you’re really stuck.

Both Geared games are totally worth downloading, and I cannot think of a single excuse not to download Geared 2 while it’s free aside from “I already downloaded Geared 2."

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