Well, it's that time again. Dedicated readers of TouchArcade should know that we have a penchant for posting about silly or absurd games every now and then. They aren't always the greatest games known to Man, but with the App Store economy being the way it is sometimes spending a dollar or two on a game that will give you some laughs is totally worth it. The latest example of this is Rainbow Pony [99¢]. I could almost stop right there, as anything called Rainbow Pony must be worth at least a dollar. But for the sake of thoroughness, I'll go ahead and explain the delicate inner workings of the game.

Rainbow Pony plays a bit like Solipskier [99¢] in that you must guide your majestic steed along a wave of rainbow that you direct with your finger. Along his (her?) magical journey, the Rainbow Pony will collect various items spread throughout the game. Each arrow icon you collect will increase your speed, and each bomb you hit will slow you down. You can also collect delicious candy and teddy bears, though these seem to serve no purpose other than to increase your own personal happiness a tiny bit.

The game is played over 3 modes – Normal mode has you racing for a finish line in as little time as possible, Survival sees how far you can make it before hitting a bomb and instantly dying, and Timed mode sees how great of a distance you can achieve in a set amount of time. All of these modes contain their own individual high score leaderboards in OpenFeint, so you can compare scores with your many friends who will undoubtedly want to pick up Rainbow Pony once they see you playing it.

Visually, Rainbow Pony is pretty nice. It employs an 8-bit graphical style and retro-chiptune soundtrack, complete with grating, high-pitched coin collecting chimes. The game is really bright and colorful, though my one gripe here is that the Rainbow Pony looks a lot like a llama piñata to me. When I first saw the screenshots, I was almost certain this was some sort of retro 2D demake of Viva Piñata. Honestly, there's almost nothing better than watching the Rainbow Pony frantically galloping along, staring at you with a blank look on its face. It just makes me smile every time.

So in the end, Rainbow Pony is a pretty clever idea that is only executed marginally well. The controls and fluidity of the game are a far cry from the nearly flawless feel of Solipskier, though they do work well enough to enjoy the game. The biggest problem to me is the lack of spacing with obstacles in the game. There's no real warning of what's coming, and things can speed up so quickly that you can't avoid hitting bombs over and over again. I found myself having more fun trying not to hit the speed icons and just collect the yummy candy at a leisurely pace.

Still, the gameplay is fun enough to have a go at once in a while and for a dollar you can have a Rainbow Pony in your pocket, which is a statement I'm proud to be able to say in my lifetime.

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  • TheTheory

    Well, another title to buy. This looks superbly ridiculous.

    Oh, and the fact that the Pony looks like a llama pinata merely exaggerates the ridiculousness and I consider it a very good thing.

    • Adams Immersive

      It may not be a llama, but it IS a piñata—it starts out hanging by a rope, no less.

      At 7 MB, I can fit this one in my collection 🙂 I want to get it to play at biker bars!!!

  • Melvin

    These guys blatantly ripped off our copyrighted material and are passing it off as their own!!! Read about it here: http://www.destructoid.com/another-iphone-game-rip-off-the-blocks-cometh-191647.phtml. Who know if Rainbow pony isn't someone eases work!

    • EdisonGame Supporter

      How dare you, sir! Why, EdisonGame are universally known as the innovative and ground-breaking developers of such original titles as...er..."HugeWorm".


    • EdisonGame Supporter

      I am so outraged by your scurrilous accusations, sir, that I have decided to alert the decent, honest, hard-working folk at EdisonGame to your slanderous claims.

      However, fortunately for you, the support links for all of their games on iTunes seem to be mysteriously dead, leading to placeholder web-pages or nothing at all. In fact, I have failed to find any contact details for EdisonGame anywhere on the web.

      I suspect that, not satisfied with defaming the good people at EdisonGame, you have launched some kind of internet attack on that wholly admirable company, deleting every trace of their web-presence! Why, it's the only possible explanation!

      Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.

      • Melvin

        LOL. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  • Infopostal

    It should at least jump, right?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQM6WU2KBKYQBW2AYER645M6ZA Mark Morris

    Isn't "Rainbow Pony" DeeDee's (Dexter's Laboratory) favorite show?

  • Objection

    How is it a "Rainbow Pony is a pretty clever idea"

    When its obviously an under developed Solipskier with an 8bit treatment of Robot Unicorn Attack for styling, blended together in a marketing department somewhere.

    I suppose its clever if they pay you to say that of course.

Rainbow Pony Reviewed by Jared Nelson on . Rating: 2.5